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    Vor mx 530

    Condition? Asking price? Location?
  2. jongrant

    VOR owners hang on to their anomolies?

    Well, speaking for myself, I'm holding on to my 2002 450EN until I move close enough to you to drop in one weekend and con you into wrenching on it. How many beers does that generally take anyways? When a jap bike doesn't work, its junk. When a VOR doesn't work, its art. When the jap bike is fixed, its still an old junker, since a million newer versions are already out. When the VOR is fixed, its a hand-crafted modern classic, AND still a great ride. I have alot of patience with the VOR because I know it will be worth the extra time and effort to find parts and get it fixed. And because in the meantime I have other toys that are neither art nor junk.