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  1. Airwrench

    how many miles b4 switching to synthetic oil?

    I am in Prescott. Don't worry about your rings seating. An air-cooled motor works hard enough to seat even with the synt. oil. I was just suggesting that you don't dump some oil just to rush into the synthetic.
  2. Airwrench

    how many miles b4 switching to synthetic oil?

    I would just wait until the next regular oil change. The engine WILL break in with the syn oil in it, it just might take a little longer. There is no problem running it even on a brand new engine-in fact many of the new high performance car engines come standard with synthetic oil from the factory. I am also a happy Amsoil user.
  3. Airwrench

    DR650 or DRZ400S

    I do not have any DRZ experience, but looking at what type of riding you expect to do, I don't believe you would do wrong by the 650. I too am a 40+ guy whose common sense now exceeds my guts. I have a 2003 DR650SE and love it for the conditions that you specify. It excells on the road and on the trails. It is NOT a motocross bike and only the people that try to pretend it is are disappointed. Do not underestimate your road usage, the 650 is a fun bike to play with or commute on the blacktop. It has gearing that will allow you to cruise effortlessly at all highway speeds.(Once you replace the awful seat) Good Luck
  4. Airwrench

    DR650 stuff

    I advise double checking the Corbin seat and tank fit. Corbin's website states that they have two seats for the DR650. One for the STOCK tank and another for the IMS tank. Corbin says the two seats are NOT interchangeable. You may want to decide on a tank before ordering the seat.