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  1. Westie

    Best adult backyard bike?

    We flat track on my buddies property. We all use stock xr100's with street tires to practice riding sideways. Being stock it sound like a bunch of sewing machines zipping arround the property. And I'm 6' 220.
  2. Theres a guy arround here who has one which he lovingly refers to as the "Super-Q." He does local events and from a block away it can resemble a car fire.
  3. Westie

    What do Stage 1 Hotcams do?

    Go stage 3, high comp. piston and 110 octane. Your engine will last half as long but, you'll have twice the fun!
  4. Westie

    XR100R Bogs when u snap the throttle

    Check your air filter?
  5. Westie


    ^^^What he said 100%
  6. Westie


    I had my streetbike stolen from in front of my house. Cops called a couple weeks later that it had been found and was in impound. I got to the yard and there was a 500lb samoan dude doing burnouts on it. All the locks had been punched, one side was shaved off due to a low side. Then, the yard wanted $400. to recover it. I just told them it wasn't mine since it was a total. In my garage are 4 bikes. Each one individually locked and all locked to one another. Its like a nightmare of chains and locks.
  7. Westie

    Anyone using their Android phone as a GPS?

    I duct taped my droid to my number plate and made a ride video:thumbsup:
  8. I'm a 44 yr. old ex-racer and weight lifter. Recently my elbows(both) have began to ache. Though one hurts way more than the other. To the point where a handshake, crunching a can or, picking something up cause real pain on both inside and outside the elbow. I've been taking glucosomine and have laid off the gym for 3 weeks but, pain is still here. Do I need to start wearing a brace? Any advice other than quit would be great!
  9. Westie

    Can XR 400s be decent jumping bikes

    What he said^^^^ As a 200lb. rider the impact can be felt throughout my body. Next investment is to get my suspension done cuz I've already adjusted it from here to saturday.
  10. I'll tell you from experience that once you hit 90-100mph your going to get speed wobbles from the bike being so lite. Before trying you better set your sag on the suspension and even install a steering dampner cuz once those wobbles hit, they may highside you.
  11. Westie

    First Bike for Old(er) Guy

    I'd recommend an XR250 or 400 if you want a little more power. Bulletproof bike that will run forever with minimal service. Very simple to operate and very good at any rpm. Not the peeky power of a 2-smoke. Loves to climb hills. Good for 60 mile round trips too. A friend does 75 but, thats pushing it. Production stopped in '06 but, they're still arround.
  12. Westie

    Supermotoengineering Axle sliders

    I know SME/Highspeed Harry very well. Extremely upstanding guy and fast racer. If he doesn't have what you need, call him and he probably does. And, tell him Westie sent you.(for an extra 20% to your bill hehe)
  13. Westie

    How Much Oil?

    Just finished my annual oil change and after adding 2L I stopped. Did the whole filter/down tube screen cleaning thing. Still the level is not even touching the dip stick yet. Started it, let her run, checked again, not even close. So before I crack open liter 3, how much is too much? I believe last year I measured out 1.9L and went with that?
  14. Westie

    85 xr600r no start

    This is stupid but I have to ask. you know about the sweet spot right? Kick it to top dead center and 1 more click, then kick? Stupid question but, got me $500. of mine cuz the salesman didn't know and thought it needed work.
  15. Westie

    at the end of my rope with starting issues

    OK heres my stupid question. It seems your doing everything you can. I read you installed a new high comp piston. Whats the comp and what octane of gas are you running? Mine has a 12.5/1 piston, stage 2 cam and only fires on 110 octane.