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    thinking of new 300xc

    I just rode my 2008 XCW for the first time switching from a 2006 CRFX. The XCW is much easier for me to handle in the washes and sand hills. The XCW seems to have about the same power as the CRFX maybe not quite as smooth, very difficult to explain. There is no comparison in handling the XCW is very easy to handle and the center of gravity is much lower than the CRFX. Even though the weight difference is about 30 pound it seem like 60 pounds. I just turned 66 and XCW should allow me to ride at least another 5 years. I have unplugged the mapping wire and change the power valve spring to the green (so I’m ride it in the mildest configuration.) I had been out of riding for about 15 years before I purchased my 2006 CRFX and Now that I have the 2008 XCW it has really restored confidence in riding. Absolutly love this KTM. I should mention that I'm 6" and 175lbs.
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    Thanks for being impressed. I have taken the 450 out to the desert 4 times and have not gotten passed 4th gear, but even in 4th it flys. I was out to Stodard Wells last week and my quads are still sore from the woops.
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    A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new Honda 450 crf x and a Ultimate mx hauler. The Hauler fits into the 2" trailer hitch it is very easy to put my bike on ( I'm 64 and haven't riden in 15 years) and it is very stable on the Hwy streets and off road. At first I tried the type that has a rail for the bike and did not like that at all (wobbled). If you have not seen this type it is really worth a look. URL=http://ultimatemxhauler.com/]http://ultimatemxhauler.com/[/url] I can't say enought about the 450 crf x nothing like the old bikes back in the 80s