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  1. g_off

    Crosscut / Sawmill Enduro's April 21-22.

    Three of us came all the way from Phoenix for the Sawmill, and I have to say it was well worth the 14 hour drive. A very fun enduro. The water test at the end was simply icing on the cake.We were packed up and on the road by 2PM so no idea about scores. The anticipation is killing me. My only complaint were some of the markings from jeep roads back to trail sections in the tests. I went in circles a couple of times.
  2. g_off

    Crosscut / Sawmill Enduro's April 21-22.

    Heading to Sawmill from Phoenix........long drive. Anyone know how many gas stops there will be (i.e. how many cans I need to bring)? Also, any idea of mileage between stops? I get a strict 40 miles per tank and need to know if I should carry gas. Thanks.
  3. g_off

    Timekeeping questions for first enduro

    Oh yeah, and if you are early or just cruising always adjust your odo mileage whenever given the chance (mileage markers, speed changes, resets etc.). Checks have to be accurate within 0.1 miles from the last known mileage only. Clubs can jack with the mileage before that to mess with you or put the check exactly where they want it.
  4. g_off

    Timekeeping questions for first enduro

    I didn't read through everyone's replys so sorry if repetitive: Knowns have to be indicated as such on the route sheet. The Start is always a Known. Gas is a Known if it is stated as Gas Stop, but not if stated as Gas Available. The finish is only a Known if stated as such. There cannot be a check 2 miles before or 3 after a Known. You can arrive up to 15 minutes early to a Known. Reset mileage counts against your 3 mile buffer. Always go as far forward on the course as you can (within ~.1 of the next possible or as the terrain dictates) if you are early. Don't join the herd at the reset if you can get up the course a little. Always pin it after a check and use your 'three for free'. You never know what's coming up. Enduro computers don't take the thinking out of the race, they allow you to think more about stratey and possibles than simple calculations.
  5. g_off

    Flyin Ryan Armitage - RIP

    It's been awhile since roosting Vado to Anthony. R.I.P. Ryan.
  6. Unfortunately scheduled on top of a MRANN race and a District enduro. I'm guessing turnout will be pretty low.
  7. g_off

    Wild Horse Enduro and Family Enduro 9/25-26

    I think it was mixed, but most seemed to like it. Of course that was only from 'A' riders. I'm not so sure about the 'B's' and 'C's'. There perspective is probably a little different. It was definitely more tech than most MRANN races. I heard more grumbling though from the D36 'AA' guys, but that had to do with format.
  8. g_off

    Wild Horse Enduro and Family Enduro 9/25-26

    Anyone seen any results from the Horse? Also, anyone paying attention notice that the last check on Sunday was off by ~10 min? Not that it matters much as long as it was the same for everybody.
  9. g_off

    MM10 can I go through the gate?

    Yeah, I hate clubs too. What's worse than a group of riders getting together to: *Give offroaders a louder voice *Keep trails open *Present an organized effort to volunteer and contribute politically *Support and staff non profit race organization *Promote local racing *Generally better our sport Clubs are the worse....
  10. g_off

    Moonrocks Conditions?

    Not much moisture making it past the mountains. Moonrocks will probably be a little dusty.
  11. g_off

    Two Day AMRA Qualifier Enduro in Wickenburg?

    There's plenty of room to camp. Closest accomodations are either in Wickenburg (~15 miles) or Anthem (~30 miles).
  12. g_off

    Two Day AMRA Qualifier Enduro in Wickenburg?

    Correction: at the National in '08, riders left on their minute but were funneled through a scoring tower several hundred feet later. Thus, every rider got a descrete time through the section. I agree that a pecking order is established fairly quickly, but riders 2-4 definitely give up a few seconds by not going into the section first (especially rider #4). Up here in D36 land, they group all the A and AA riders together at the enduros. I personally hate it this way because: 1) You are usually grouped with a AA rider so few of the A's even have to time keep. 2) Dust 3) It is harder to establish a pecking order when everyone is similarly skilled. I find this particularily the case riding 40A. All the 30A, Open A, 250A etc riders automatically assume they are faster. I like when they group A, B, C together so that everyone knows who is going in first right from the start. The only thing you are dealing with then is passing slower riders in the test, which usually isn't too bad. Then again, up here they make everyone rider the entire course so I can see how it can be a problem late in the race or in tougher sections.
  13. g_off

    anyone have a current moonrocks report?

    I might need to head out there this weekend and give it a try. It's been pretty warm this week with a little rain. The bike's been sitting since Thanksgiving weekend and the snow (for skiing) is getting kind of thin....
  14. g_off

    Wild Horse Enduro was Awesome!

    I rode the event as well, and agree 100%. Excellent event WSRA. This was only my second D36 enduro as I recently moved from Phoenix to Reno. One thing I especially like is that D36 enduros take points from everybody right from the start. I dropped 13 points in the first 11 miles (39 total). It wasn't difficult terrain, just high speed averages. Alot of time in D37, the A riders go into the third loop with all zeros, and just one or two tests left to take points. This really makes the race a short hare scrambles. They seem to think that it damages the C riders pysche if they can't zero check outs on the first loop, B riders on the second loop etc. I'm sure there were a few sections yesterday that the AA's zeroed that I dropped points on, but for the most part every 'test' should at least challenge every rider.
  15. g_off

    September 20: Desert Daisies Qualifier Format Enduro

    Hey Kelley, I may come down for the Ghostrider but I live in Reno now so D36 enduros are all real close. There are six more this year including the Jack Hammer that same weekend. Any D36'rs care to preview what the Jack Hammer will be like? TWMC always does a good job with the Ghostrider.....