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  1. fiddys rule

    2-stroke transmission oil

    i called Bel Ray and turns out the stuff is no good for wet clutches. Thanks neways
  2. fiddys rule

    2-stroke transmission oil

    I always used Bel Ray gear saver SAE 80W and never had any issues. My problem is that my local shop stopped supplying it and replaced it with bel ray gear saver hypoid gear oil SAE 80w-90 and to which i was told it should be fine in my 2-stroke tranny.. I just researched the oil and found nothing saying it's safe for a wet clutch tranny like my 2001 cr250r. I'm not putting it in my bike till someone who knows what their talking about can help me out !? ? ? ?
  3. If anyone has any links for a thread similar to this please post it up!! To bad the pics here are gone : (
  4. fiddys rule

    funny mudrace video

    lol that was sweet.. i laughed so hard when the guy in the yellow almost got nailed by the passing rider in the beginning. He got roosted madddd hahaha
  5. fiddys rule

    The Two Stroke Days

    Always liked this vid.. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=-7WJBZTC_1s&feature=related
  6. fiddys rule

    A couple of my toys

    nice setup man, welcome to TT..
  7. fiddys rule

    My new KTM SX150

    best looking stock bike everrr... congrats man
  8. fiddys rule

    your bike and something else you cherish

    My babies, the only things keepin me sane..And the vdub off course..
  9. fiddys rule

    Taddy rock riding on a 250f

    that would be absolute hell.. Yet that dude looked like he didn't even mind doing it
  10. fiddys rule

    Selling a bike without the title?

    Owning a bike witout a title sucks. I bought mine from a legit guy who said the origional owner lost the ownership and thats why he was never givin it.. I went to the DMV to get ownership and they said my bike was never registered soo the name of the suposid origional owner was never found.. Now i am stuck paying a lowyer to get me an affidavit.. It's alot of hassle,, i am definitly not ever buying a bike with no title again.. And just a heads upp,, most people kno about this already and don't purchase a bike without ownership soo it makes the bike very hard to sell.. Only other option besides an affidavit is to find someone who lives on a farm and who would use it as a beater.
  11. fiddys rule

    Anyone else love riding in the mud?

    i kno exactly how u feel man, my only riding buddy hates riding in the mudd.. We normally ride tracks and when we do i will admit i do perfer good soil cause usually the tracks get really slick here with just alittle water,, but sometimes i like to just let loose and ride in some mudd.. Few weeks ago we went trail riding for the first time in forever and there were some technical mud bogs where i found myself having soo much fun where as my buddie kept complaning when were gunna leave back home.. It sucks riding with someone who doesn't appreciate just being on his bike and getting away to ride anywhere as long as ur on ur bike.. But any riding buddy is better then none i guess lol..
  12. fiddys rule

    Crate or not?

    i kno that at the shop i worked at everything had to be assembled and P.D.I before the customers got there hands on them. It all has to do with manufacturing defects and warranty .. Sometimes we would get a brand new bike in and it would be damaged from shipping or parts were just not working.. Also warranty issue is a big deal,, when each bike leaves the shop it is in tip top condition. This way with customers not getting the crated bikes there is no chance that they didn't check all the fluids and tighten everything for the first ride..
  13. fiddys rule

    Coffee table decoration

    my parents would kill me even if the bike is spotless, ur lucky man... I would love to be able to see my bike every time i go through the house..
  14. that jump in the video was sick.. looks like it definitely was just a single after the double and that 1 dude used it as a triple,, thats some madd skill right there, looks sketchy tho..