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    Hard to start Raptor 80

    Hey Rez, I had the same exact problem with my daughters raptor 80, And so did my Brother-in-law with my Niece's raptor 80!!! Mine happened last year, 3 weeks after the warrenty expired. I took it to the Yamaha dealership and the mechanic told me that it was the 4th one he had seen with the same issue. He added that the carburator was designed with a flaw. Needless to say I had to contact Yamaha directly to see if they would at least meet me half way with the repairs. They picked up the labor charges which I was pretty happy with, since I only had to pay for the bent valves and a piston. approx $150. My Brother-in-law had the same issue last month! Although when he saw what had happened with mine, he purchased the extended warranty for $99.00. Cheap insurance since his bill was almost $1000.00. First thing I did when I picked it up was pull out the carb and locktite the screws!!!
  2. Sounds like you have checked everything!!!.....but the tire pressure:smirk:
  3. Definitly the long bed!!! Also, I would look at the Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel 2500 or 3500 ahead of the Chevy/Duramax. Reason being is I am pulling a 13,800lb. 38ft fifth wheel with my CTD and I wouldn't have it anny other way. I never have to worry about towing uphill or the transmission overheating. I can pull over the grapevine at 65mph all day long. My buddy has a 2006 Duramax Chevy and he's pulling a 36 ft fifth wheel weighing about 13,500lbs. He bought it in mid 05 and he's on his 3rd Allison transmission! He did some research and found out that the Allison transmission Chevy puts in these trucks isn't a true Allison you find in all the big Diesel pusher motorhomes. Chevy is using a variation type Allison, which Allison makes to GM's own specs. Also, he talked to several other Duramax owners who have the same tranny problems. Just a thought!
  4. lnx32

    Girlfriend wants a quad

    Check out the TRX250ex. Honda built this one with with the sportclutch which allows the transmission to be shifted using the clutch lever or without giving the rider the option. This would be idea for teaching a novice rider how to shift using the clutch lever. Also, the motor, although being mounted sideways, is bullet proof. Look at one before you decide. This little 250 screams for a small package! My $.02.