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  1. yes that is what i was thinking...i would also take less if they go to a good home . i just want to see them used and i could use the money to pay bills right now. i ride snow, wake, surf and crete...aka skateboard. thanks
  2. http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=20289&cat=8
  3. k thanks...never used it but i guess there's a first time for everything hehe . -Kim
  4. i'm trying to sell 3 brand new dirt bike helmets that a friend gave me. i've tried this forum and craig's list...any other suggestions of where to sell them please . thanks, -Kim
  5. i'm 5'3" at 120ish lbs. thanks that would be great if it worked so just let me know what you have and your cost . -Kim
  6. if you have anything please let me know . thanks, -Kim
  7. after years of either fixing myself and/or finding friends to help me fix my toyota and honda...i finally found the best place with mechanics i can trust, that do good work for a reasonable price and have a no-nonsense attitude...so i'd highly recommend these guys and this place in bellevue: Eschen Automotive 12005 NE 12th St No 14 Bellevue, WA 98005 - 2420 (425) 456-0466 -Kim
  8. and what shops in the seattle tacoma area are good? i'm on the eastside but i like to go to rmc in renton as they have variety. thanks.
  9. sounds like a plan thanks .
  10. it's the stella tech 6 boot on that link as it doesn't take you directly to it: http://www.alpinestars.com/_lp/moto_boots_frst.htm
  11. what about these for women: http://www.alpinestars.com/_lp/moto_boots_frst.htm has anybody heard anything on these or where i could find a review? i know with soccer shoes it really makes a difference having a womens shoe as they are contoured better to fit our shape. thanks
  12. ok thanks...sounds like i need to make a trip to the store then for oh how fun hehe trying on boots. for me with my foot being small and narrow it's about what's going to fit and be comfortable. but seems like i was inbetween sizes when i tried on them about a year ago so do i want them to fit like a snowboard boot snug but not having the big toe touch? i mean should i get the smaller or the larger of the two that felt right?
  13. i like the tech 6 or 8s but they are spendy...is the cost worth it in the long run? should i buy new or used and where to buy...local or on-line? i'm a women's 7 or a men's 5/6. thanks, -Kim