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  1. Jimbowho

    CRF230 Versus KDX200

    Sorry VMEADOWS I'm gonna stay out of this one now, too much to debate. But, I believe if Honda just went let say 10" inches of travel with adjusters and beefed em up a tad (Flimsy front forks need brace) and loose some of the dated heavy trinkets They would sell a Million of them, They have a great purpose, small is one of them. My Gal twanged her foot real bad on a G-out on the fourth and we agreed she is better than the bike now (Accept for not braking well) Were looking at a TC-250. OH forgot you called me Childish, You hit the nail on the head, I'm almost 50, Member of the Checkers M.C. My Lady always calls me a big Baby. You couldn't hurt my feelings with a cattle prod who ever you are.
  2. Don't laugh, but the stock carb may tell you something, sure it's cleaned up by now. Ck that cable too. Hope your doing all this on a tall work stand, my back hurts just reading this!
  3. Jimbowho

    Better XL600R Foot Pegs?

    Can't remember who makes em but there are (weld) on extensions, they came four in a pack with teeth an all you just fabbed em up. Tack first, check, then run a bead. Another fix is better boots, and stop pounding hoops on that pig.
  4. Jimbowho

    CRF230 Versus KDX200

    I'm sure I'm going to take a beating here but Oh well I'll get over it. A KDX will be hands down the winner against a Honda 230 in every situation providing both bikes are set up correctly and both have the goofy stuff uncorked, KDX suspension alone will do the trick, first time KDX/230 go blowing into the real stuff side by side the 230 will get flung all over the place and end up face down. I have had both and currently still wrench on a pretty trick 230 for my Gal, I love it but it has a purpose and that is bullet proof entry level serious fun play race bike, when she gets better it's mine for sign up and ribboning duties. Have Fredette race the Honda and see what he says!
  5. Jimbowho

    Separated shoulder-How long till riding again?

    My shoulder is on four months now, Still clicks sometimes but basically back to normal. 19 yrs Desert racing and finally landed on it very wrong. What a hastle, All my buddies told me war stories and there all the same (time consuming injury). Pounding hoops irritates it but not getting worse so I'm sorta back riding.
  6. You ask a pro when to sit & stand and its text book, play riders differ big time, this changes also with every aspect of racing. This question has so many variables its beyond answering correctly. In the morning when your fresh, Head wind, your tired, you thrashed your hip the week before, Boot too tight. down hill when your fresh & out front, down hill when your in dust and exhausted, fireroad with major head wind or tail wind. Same turn, breaking bumps or not.Personally I stand for safety and feel sitting is for gaining big bursts of speed and really hunkering down. Or short rest periods. My top secret is to use bumps & rises to pop my tail off the seat into the standing position with no input.
  7. Sounds strange, How is that stuff getting on a baseball diamond? Been racing Desert for a lot of years, a bad start means you eat dust. Just makes the beer at the finish that much sweeter.
  8. Jimbowho

    '79 XR500 Starting Questions

    Diesel, Ive got a complete gasket set for a 79-XL its packed with everything, still in plastic if you want it let me know. If you live real close gotta charge you a beer. If not, free. Jimbo