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  1. SNIPER5565

    Please Help - can't cold start

    Plugged air filter?
  2. SNIPER5565

    Are RM-atv drive sprockets worth a crap?

    I have been using rocky mountain sprockets, front and rear steel, for over a year with zero problems. They are a little heavy but, they are very durable.
  3. SNIPER5565

    Rekluse Question

    Sturgie, my initial question was regarding the clutch arm, on the engine. not the lever. I just am not sure if I need to lock it in place to prevent the internal rod from bouncing back and forth against the throwout bearing or not. thank you. Sniper5565
  4. SNIPER5565

    Rekluse Question

    Thank you all for the replies. I will call Rekluse today or tomorrow, and get their take on this. and will definately report back. after riding the bike with the clutch installed. I can honestly say, I don't feel a need for the clutch lever at all. my reason for purchasing the rekluse is that I suffer from arm pump pretty bad. I feel like not having to work the clutch lever in the tight woods sections will really be a benefit. Sniper5565
  5. SNIPER5565

    Rekluse Question

    I received and installed my z start this weekend. everthing went as advertised.I regret not getting the rear brake setup at the same time. My question is, what do I do with my clutch arm after removing the cable and installing the brake setup? Do I need to get the spring and adjusting bolt that comes with some of the other Z-Start clutch kits? I will be ordering the brake setup this week and want to make sure I order everything needed. thanks for all replies. Sniper5565