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  1. cephas

    front fender...again

    What"s the general consensus on a front fender that provides protection yet doesn't flap around on the road. Currently have an Arcebis SM that is great on the road but flings up more debris and water than I like.
  2. cephas

    Compression Testing???

    Any trouble/tricks keeping the cylinder TDC while infusing air into the cylinder?
  3. cephas

    Plating out of state DRZ?

    Why does CA have a 7500 mile requirement for an out of state street licensed motorcycle?
  4. cephas

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Did a mini tour, little over 700 miles in three days to WV. Learned I need a larger gas tank, aftermarket seat was tolerable. Avons were great on anything hard, but forget mud, and hold on in heavy gravel. Front fender was an aftermarket supermoto look that will fling crap up at me. Moderate to high wind pushed her around more than I was expecting. Ran great didn't miss a beat. Some major fun.
  5. cephas

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Thanks for all the advice given on this board and in the FAQ's. My commuter, a 2000 being transformed to my needs:
  6. cephas

    Dual Sport tire suggestions

    What tire pressure are you guys running in those Avon Distanzias?
  7. cephas

    2000 DR-Z400s, model K1,K2,K3,K4,Y??

    Thanks for the replies, did check out your locked posts, great info, but it seems this was so simple it plum evaded me.
  8. Howdy, picked up a 2000 DR-Z400s and am surfing for any info. Found much good info here, thanks. When looking at some online parts, I see that a model numbers (K1,2,3,4 &Y) are listed for this bike on parts diagrams. How do you determine which model you have? FWIW the bike is great, hardly used by prior owner with 2,500 miles on it with rear Givi box. Have manual cam chain tensioner coming. Fluids changed, will check sprocket soon. Renazco contacted for seat as I'm vertically challenged with 30" inseam. Deciding what to do with the wimpy Acerbis light. Any other suggestions appreciated. Have a good one.
  9. Awhile back I rebuilt a 87 xl250r and needed the advice of this forum. Took most of it, thanks very much!, except for the tip from lanz to split the cases and check/replace the kickstart/countershaft bearing. Didn't get into the cases due to being lazy, and thinking it was some kind of vodoo to work with. Wish I would of as it eventually kicked the bucket, came apart, spun in the case and so on. With luck a decent case was on ebay, some new gaskets, seals and a bearing, and it went back together painlessly. Well almost, other than learning the art of helicoil on one bolt, and a painstaking job of making sure all contaminants were cleaned out. Live and learn and if someone tells me five out of the six they've worked on needed it, I'm lookin at it in the future!
  10. cephas

    87xl250r kick start parts

    mrabe1979 came through with the parts I needed, honest dude, good deal!
  11. cephas

    87xl250r kick start parts

    mrabe1979, please check your pm...thanks
  12. cephas

    87xl250r kick start parts

    Thanks, I appreciate it. When doing your bike did you find the parts catalog in error, or would the updated replacement gear really somehow work?
  13. Howdy, need to replace the 27t kick start idler gear(2800-KL4-308) and thought I'd also replace the 24t pinion gear (28211-KK0-000) on the kickstart shaft. However when trying to order the 24t kick starter pinion I find that in all the parts fisches it has been replaced with a 27t gear that is the same number as the idler gear. Don't see how that can work. Anyone seen this and have any info for me?? Thanks in advance and have a good one.
  14. Howdy, finished engine rebuild on a 87 xl250r, it lives!!, and thought I'd post some observations. First of all thanks to all who contributed info as I needed it. Only "special" tool I needed to buy was the spanner to remove the clutch nut. The advice to replace the cam chain, since the cam chain tensioner was sunk down below a grab on point, was right on. Having played round with Italian cycles the last few years, and this the first Honda I've ever touched, I am amazed at parts information and availability. http://www.mrcycles.com/ had any part I needed to my door mail order within a week and their prices were the best I found. For the carbs I got a rebuild kit from sirius consolidated. The kit they sent me was listed for a 85 xr250r. Upon examination there were some differences. The slow jet was a different size, the jet needle and needle jet were a "compromise", in their words. Nothing for the starter valve included. However all gaskets and little rubber rings were good making it worth the cost of the kit. If I do it again I'll be sure to get specs on all parts prior to ordering, Their service was also very good. I tried to get a complete top end gasket kit off of ebay, only to be sent a base and head gasket, with the help of a paypal complaint I got my money back. Rebuilding the head was farmed out as the valve seats needed a little work, the cost was way less than the cost of one cutter. Thanks again and have a good one!
  15. Howdy, could someone please tell me what the torque should be on the 4 bolts for the clutch lifter plate on a 87 xl250r. Thanks and have a good one.