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  1. ken robert

    610e+410 cam-chain, honest experiences?

    I don't commute at all, retired old man now. the 610 is used for local riding in the rural redwoods of Nor-Cal and around S.W. Oregon. My rides generally are 50-100 miles every few days. I take a three or four summer rides of 300 plus miles trying to find the perfect mountain camp spot. The riding will now become minimal as winter sets in soon. I have found the bike just as reliable as most modern machines and I really enjoy it.
  2. ken robert

    610e+410 cam-chain, honest experiences?

    07 610SM current milage 15k plus with no cam-chain issues. Adjustment and general maintenance done as scheduled. The battery died at 15k (in garage over night). Bike is set up for adventure touring with IMS, diamond ds hard bags, Puig screen, LV, Avons and other touches. Mostly put together by Bill at BMP. Stock seat actually breaks in allowing for 300-400 mile days.
  3. no one has yet listed the guys at Bike Barn www.bikebarnmc.com 3434 N Pacific Hwy Medford, OR 97501 (541) 282-9772 I purchased the Sm 610 from Bill at BMP in Salem but these guys at bike Barn, Kurt and Dave, have done service for me. Like Bill, this shop is small and down to earth. They also market a new product for adv touring, Black Diamond dual sport panniers which are great for those of us who like to travel. I have found this shop to be honest and sincere with their customers.
  4. I ride a SM 610 07 with IMS 5 gal. Puig sheild, bash plate, rear rack, Avon Distanzias, and hand guards. No problem with stock seat, very firm at first then molds to your butt over miles of use becoming quite comfortable. Nothing mechanical to report in 5k.
  5. ken robert

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    first ride was a vespa mid-sixties. first motorcycle 1968 Suzuki X6 hustler 2 stroke which ran as good as any motorcycle I have owned. first monster bike 1970 650 BSA Lightning which needed more repair than any motorcycle I have owned. 30 motorcycles and 40 years later I have tried all types and enjoyed each and all. I keep coming back to big singles and DS for the unlimited adventure.
  6. ken robert

    SM610 surprised me today

    I had to leave my 07 SM610 in mid-November. Family emergency in AZ that worked out well over time. I parked the bike under the house in the dirt floor unheated "garage". I did not bother to wash it, cover it or add fuel stabilizer. It sat there getting dirty and was untouched for six months. I just knew I would need to charge the bike and maybe even get more serious in order to get the Husqvarna to run. Today I got back to the bike. I brushed away the cob webs and turned the key on after pulling out the choke. I did twist the throttle three times before hitting the starter. And just like that, the bike fired and ran without hessitation. I let her run to warm and then cruised the National redwood park and then the bluffs over-looking the vast Pacific. Life is good and I love this bike!
  7. ken robert

    TE 610 or SM 610

    I ride an 07 SM 610 for every thing from adventure touring to single track (Avons) and have had no problem. I have the LV sweet sound, 5 gal IMS, bash plate, hand guards and rear rack to make the bike what it is. Just one dance partner for all the diffferent music I hear each day. And people love it when it parks.
  8. ken robert

    500 street miles on TE610?

    Vary your rpm for the first few hundred miles. find a nice twisty back road with some hills. Once you do the first oil change continue the break in riding until 1k or so. Then ride it the way you will normally ride it. Personally, the seat on my 07 SM broke in nicely at about 1k of milage. A good seat starts real firm then conforms. My longest day is 350 miles.
  9. http://www.bmp.motox.org Bill's Motorcycle in Salem, Oregon. Honest man who treats people right. He is also a true motorcyclist in that he is a very good rider/racer and knows the machines very well. He set up my 07 SM to adventure tour and it flat works. I knew Bill for 10 years before I bought a bike from him. What ever I rode in on he was fine with it.
  10. ken robert

    DRZ400SM vs. SM610 engine!

    Have a 610 SM, had a DRZ-SM. the Suzuki was nice most everywhere. I even cruised two up on the 101 for 70 miles at a steady 75. The 610 with the right set up is the real deal and much more motorcycle than the 400.
  11. ken robert

    From a liter bike to a "SM", convince me to do it!

    I have owned 30 motorcycles, several DS and two SMs. currently I have a 07 SM 610 with 3.5k on it. I use a Puig sheild, IMS 5 gal tank, Avons DS tires, LV pipe and jetting, luggage rack and bash plate. Longest ride one day 325 miles through out the Oregon coast range. I use my bike for every thing, and it works. And it works very, very well especially at speed in tight two lane roads. Anything can go down a freeway or open road fast, only a big SM will rock on the back roads and make it look easy.
  12. I had a DRZ SM, not bad but no SM 610. My 07 has a LV system, jetted and IMS 5 gal tank. Also has a Puig shield and small luggage rack. I run Avon DS tires. I bought it new from Bill's in Salem Or. At 3500 miles I have replaced the rear tire with new Avon, tightened some nuts and thats about the whole of it. I ride the bike in Nor Cal redwoods area, rough wet roads, some gravel and dirt but no cow trailing. It is one fun bike at about 300lbs and I would guess about 60 hp. I get plenty of attention where ever I go and, the loggers love the Husqvarna do to the quality of the huskqvarna chain saw products they love. I will get the TE next year as a mate for the SM. buy and enjoy
  13. ken robert

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    39 years, 30 motorcycles, six thumpers incuding: XL500S, 2 650 KLRs, 1 BMW F650GS, 1 suzuki DRZ 400 SM and my current Husqvarna SM 610 (the best)