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  1. i gotta crf 250 06 it rips and that exhaust is ghetto its like my 50 stock but even smaller.... stock is sick so if fmf dually
  2. ... not my knock off... but the knockoff in the picture
  3. I bought a 110 from checker auto i dont know if those ar in canada but it is 600 bucks and a 4 speed with a clutch... and that knockoff bites go to they have a real replica honda only diff is the graphics no joke serious... 500
  4. dont get bbr my friend got those and they wore out soo fast f that
  5. hey man i got a knock off fitty too.. i had a crf 50 then it was stolen... then another with about 600 into it and it was stolen. so ibought a dlx 110 from checker auto... oor maybe your kragen auto or something like that... it is holding up great i paid 700 and the clutch is working god just change your oil very frequently so the metal particles do not build up... i only know this cuz i race big bikes.. lol
  6. Travis pastrana who else can double backflip... race have parties... and les not forget about how nice he is compared to some gay pros may i mention ricky carmichael... jeremy mgrath, chad reed.. hm i think pasrtana.
  7. Travis Pastrana 199 who else can race a car, do a double backflip, do a 360, jump a bus, and have massive paryies at his house... all in the same year... month
  8. hey i have an o6 crf250. I race all the time check out my sponsorhouse at I jetted my 06 and put a quick shot. the quick shot seemed to help a little but i think it is the 40mm carb. on afifty a bigger carb and same engine results inless bottom and more toop same as on my 06 i just ride it up a little higher you know