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  1. I saw the video and it was horrific. Condolences to his family and RIP Jeremy.
  2. Scotts426

    Amazing Video...worth the watch

    Killer vid.
  3. Scotts426

    My 99 Wr 400 pics from purchase to now!!!

    Nice bike. I like what you've done with it.. The last pic is killer. Nice air.
  4. Scotts426

    What shot is better?

    I'd go for number two..
  5. Scotts426

    my humps...

    That is comical....
  6. Scotts426

    new vid!

    Killer vid, I loved it. Can't wait to see more.. Thanks guys.
  7. Scotts426

    2 Clowns go Ballistic hilarious

    Now that's funny....
  8. Scotts426

    on the subject of models

    That car is killer.
  9. Scotts426

    Post pics of your STREETbikes.

    2004 Road King, Lots of mods.
  10. Scotts426

    Servicing manuals???

    Thanks Gray, I appreciate that. I've been looking everywhere.. Thanks again...
  11. Scotts426

    Servicing manuals???

    New to the forum. Looks great to me so far. Just wondering if anyone knows where I could get a downloadable file of an 02 YZ 426 servicing manual. I would appreciate the help. Thanks