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  1. I finally got to ride my 950 on a dry day. I have had the bike for a week, but I do not push it in the rain. I took a ride out out to my MX track and got to ride it on the road an gravel fire roads. All the magazine hype is true, this bike is hard to beat. I just sold my 1000 monster to buy my KTM and the KTM handles 100 times better than the duc. I have ridden a number of ricer 600 and liter class superbikes and the KTM handles better than all of them. This bike is too easy to ride. It is weird laying a bike over and still sitting upright. It took me a long time to get fast on the duc. It took about five miles to get fast on the KTM. I never miss a line in a corner with the KTM and I am not a very good rider, but this bike makes me look like one. My only dissapointment with the bike is that I now can not really justify spending the money on a Ducati 999R or a Triumph 675 Daytona. I rode 4 miles of gravel and the bike did great. The only problem I had was riding some really loose, deep gravel. I was nervous as hell, but it would probably have been easy if I just would have picked up my speed a little bit. This bike is really close to perfect for a naked bike. If you are thiking about buying one and on the edge, test ride one and you will be hooked. I can not wait until the next track day. Imagine some guy on a ricer getting passed by a KTM "dirt bike" in the corners. I bet that this time next year everyone will jump on the bandwagon and there will be a ton of supermotard bikes on the street. I just wish I had bought this bike six months ago instead of my Duc. Mike C
  2. colbachlaw

    KTM 950 supermoto mods

    Thanks for the info guys. I can't wait to pick it up on mon. Mike C
  3. colbachlaw

    KTM 950 supermoto mods

    I just unloaded my 1000 monster and picked up a KTM 950 Supermoto. Any suggestions on mods? I will be mainly riding it on the street, but I will also be using it to commute to my MX track which is at the end of 4 miles of packed gravel. How do these bikes do on gravel? Anything I should be careful about handling wise so I don't dump my new toy? Thanks, Mike C
  4. I took the plunge today and sold my 1000 Monster and bought a 950 Supermoto. Anyone have any suggestions on aftermarket exhaust systems? It is a little quite stock and I would like to open it up a bit. Thanks, Mike C
  5. Garmin Etrex is the way to go. You can get a handlebar mount for $25 and put it on top of your bars where it is somewhat protected. I ride a ton of VERY thick brush and crash alot and my Garmin keeps on ticking. Mike
  6. colbachlaw

    yuppie questions.

    702rider, You should defintiely ride a 450 before you buy a 250. It sounds like you have some growing left to do and will likely be pushing 180 in a year or two. Unless you are racing, a 450 is not too much to handle and you won't have to spend a bunch of $$ trying to wake it up (I am at $3k or so on my 05 250X). I don't know a lot of people who go from a 450 to a 250, but most of my buddies have gone from 250's to 450's as their skills grow. I did not have much choice, as the X was my first bike and I did not have the skills to ride a 450, but now that I do, I don't ride my 250 much. I have gone the same route on my street bikes, as everyone told me not to buy a liter bike. After a month on an 800, I ended up trading up to a 1000 and I a still wanting for HP and TQ (I am kind of big though, at 6'2 215). It is a lot cheaper to have power and not need it than it is to buy too weak of a bike and try to make up the power. Just my power hungry opinion. Mike C
  7. colbachlaw


    JDeaton, Before you spend a ton of money on mods, ride a 450. I have a heavily modded X (270, pipes, cam, heads) and it does not pull anywhere near as strong as my KTM 450. If I had it to do over, I would have just bought a 450. At least my wife will now have a built 270 when she is ready to step up from her 150. Contrary to what people say, I find the 450 easier to ride, unless I am going all out. It is a handfull on the track, but better everywhere else. Mike
  8. colbachlaw

    2005 crf250r cam or hotcam?

    I was pretty disappointed with the hotcam results. My piped, jetted, hotcammed X was still slower than my 06R. If I were to do it over, I would go with the R cam. Good luck. Mike
  9. colbachlaw

    Wake Up Kit?

    Bedheadben, The "wake up kit" is probably your dealer's term for the CCC mods. Proper jetting should make a big difference. I have done a hotcam, full exhaust, R heads, and TR 27o kit. The biggest jumps in power were the 270 kit and piping and jetting. I really noticed a big gain with pip and jets. I saw minimal results from the hotcam and quickshot. I had to go with the 270 to see big gains on top of piping and jetting. Good luck with your mods. Mike C
  10. colbachlaw

    Blown fork. How to prevent?

    I should have added that I do bleed them after every ride and I had the stiffer springs put on when I had the fork rebuilt. It was pretty $$, so I am trying to figure out how to make this rebuilt last as long as possible. Thanks, Mike
  11. colbachlaw

    crf 250r 06

    It can be a pain to kick these bikes over. Sometimes mine starts right away and othertimes it takes forever. This is my only complaint with the R, otherwise it is a great track and woods bike. I am wondering if anyone knows any tuning tricks to make these bikes start easier? Thanks, Mike C
  12. colbachlaw

    Blown fork. How to prevent?

    I just got done having my fork rebuilt on my X. It blew the seals after about 4 days of MX and 30 days of trail riding. I put the seal saver neoprene boots on my fork, but I wonder what else I can do to prevent it from happening again. I rode on sand a couple of times and was told that this was part of the problem. Any advice on how to make my for last longer? I am 225 lbs and I won't be riding this bike on the MX track anymore. Thanks, Mike C
  13. colbachlaw

    First ride on my TR 270

    I agree on the 270 being better for racing. The 450 wears me out if I ride all out, but most of the time I am riding fairly slow. The extra grunt makes up for a lack of skills when I am climbing hills. I can hit hills with less speed in 2nd, as the 450 always has the grunt to pull down low. Mike
  14. colbachlaw

    Review of Rekluse Auto Clutch

    TerryA, Thanks for the info. I have a Rekluse sitting in my garage and I have been tenative about putting it on. I will put it on soon, as my riding needs all the help it can get. Mike
  15. colbachlaw

    Review of Rekluse Auto Clutch

    I have been told that you can still use your clutch just like before. It that accurate? Is it any harder to use the clutch? Thanks, Mike C