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  1. im gonna email them and see if they can make it a joker bar kit instead of the bbr. would it be worth it then?
  2. actually its a joker bar kit and tb bore kit
  3. http://www.csapowersports.com/stage-pitbike-package-honda-crfxr-p-2398.html
  4. those are honda trailbike parts, must be a dealer. offering free shipping and a free oil pump with any 88cc kit there
  5. just picked up a bone stock fiddy and lookin for aftermarket stuff.bigbars, big bore all that stuff. came across some stuff. are these good prices?? http://www.csapowersports.com/joker-deluxe-tall-forward-mount-handlebar-0405-honda-crf50f-p-315.html http://www.csapowersports.com/crf50f-engine-c-44_45_228_722.html let me know before i buy anything