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  1. Awesome motor, lug it or let it rip; suspension and handling are excellent, turns on a dime, great for tight woods or open stuff
  2. my bike makes the same noise, i usually change speed up or down by a couple miles an hour and it stops. still puzzled as to the cause
  3. you cant go wrong at $1500, I have a 99 EC 300 and love it!
  4. any update?
  5. DOHCFOX is the bike still running with no problems?
  6. So how bad did the Banshee beat you? was it even close? Curious minds want to know
  7. Wow Im impressed, thats quite a trip. Could you provide some details about your bike. it looks awesome in the photos. Details like windscreen, rear luggage, side bags and tank bags, which ones did you use, especially the big one on the back.
  8. I picked up my bike (DRZ400S) this evening and man oh man do i love riding this yellow toy! In 6 months of not riding, I forgot how fun this bike is.
  9. Well Who won??? By the silence can we assume it was the Banshee?
  10. correct, it has only broke down once, hopefully the next time it does the mean time to repair will need to be alittle shorter. If it makes it to a shop again I will make sure the parts swapping monkeys at least have good eyesight and reading capability
  11. My dual sport (DRZ400S) got stolen in May and recovered 15 minutes later, with a broken magneto cover, since the shop I brought it to was so slow and lame in fixing it ( another thread, 6 months in the shop) the Talking Lizard declared the bike totalled and wrote me a check for the value of the bike minus its salvage value (i.e. I got to keep the bike 7 some $$). It is rare in life that a deal with an insurance company makes you feel like, HEY I Did alright. I had full coverage which ran me like $120 per year
  12. My bike is now reported to be running again!!!!!! After 6 months of shop time!! 5 plus months in shop #1 , aprox 3 weeks in shop number #2 . The only way this was resolved was by being a pain in the rear to Suzuki Motorcyles USA. The number can be found on thier website for customer service. They will ask for the VIN number and the problem description and then start a case on your bike. When I called them my VIN did not come up. Shop #1 only casually spoke with Suzuki (if at all). I told them how long I have been waiting and called them every other day till they sent someone out. They were actually not bad to deal with. The Technical Service Manager worked with shop #2 and had the bike running within 2 hours of his arrival on site (which took 2-3 weeks). And the problem was ...... ...... .....drum roll please ...... THE CDI WAS FAILED AND SHOP #1 TRIED THE WRONG CDI MODULE!!!!! EVEN AFTER I SENT THEM NOBLES WRITE UP AND ASKED TO VERIFY THE PROPER UNIT. I will end capital letters now that I'm settling down. The shop will keep the bike one more day to assure no problems, but like I said it RUNS!! SPECIAL THANKS TO EDDIE, NOBLE, AND WILLIAM for your kind and insightfull support. Regards Don
  13. I suggest your dealer reports this to Suzuki Motorcycles USA, the more attention these electrical issues get, maybe the quicker they will get sorted out, in the future. Your case may be a good learning for other dealers /owners of the DRZ, if the Suzuki Technical Services Manager gets involve maybe the learnings will be shared amongs dealers. The TSM will be visiting the shop where my bike is tommorrow here in Houston to help get to the bottom of the problems with my bike.
  14. NONE unfortunately!! (My bike has been in the shop for 6 long months with no spark., The Suzuki USA Technical service manager is to visit the shop tommorrow to help sort it out ) ( a topic of other threads, don let me side track this one)
  15. Could a open circuit or "high resistance" in the battery result in high current flow through the RR ? This may be more plasible than a short. Just a thought