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  1. JPinLA

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Wow, that is just gorgeous! (Shame we can't get the 660's here in the US!)
  2. JPinLA

    74' Yamaha MX175A restoration

    You can get your decals here: http://stores.ebay.com/SpeedandSportGraphicReproduction
  3. JPinLA

    74' Yamaha MX175A restoration

    Now yer talking!!!!
  4. JPinLA

    TT500 rear shocks

    you need a spring compressor - probably the easiest is to take 'em over to a local shop and use their tool - It's like a big arse FORK that compresses the spring so you can get the retainer clips out.
  5. JPinLA

    74' Yamaha MX175A restoration

    http://www.afegraphics.com/mcbikes.htm They may have those XL600 decals you needed.. For your Yamaha, should you decide to paint it - you can get the decals at:
  6. JPinLA

    83 XL 600R stickers/plastics

    Go to Ebay and contact Speed And Sport - they've got some great decals (used 'em on my XT) It'd look great if you paint. Keep the pics coming - the project is lookin' great!
  7. JPinLA

    Need help identifying this Yamaha 175

    Yep, it's a 74 MX175... That engine, with some porting and polishing, a good expansion chamber on it and a fresh tune up will run really well... I actually had a version of the MX125 that I raced locally back in the day... The important thing is that you go through the engine and give it a nice top end job - not sure how the lower end is - but you can check that when you've the cylinder off. Also - check your reed valves, too. If the rear shocks are shot (which given it's nearly 32 years old they almost certainly are...) works performance will build you a set or you can pick up some Progressive magnums.. If you need bearings and other parts - check over here: http://houseofmotorcycles.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/oem_schematic_view~schem_dept_id~648178~section_dept_id~1~section_dept_name~OEM+%28Stock%29+Parts~dept_type_id~2~model_dept_year~1974~model_dept_mfr~Yamaha~model_dept_id~632112~model_dept_name~MX175A.asp Bike bandit has been terrific with parts and stuff... Progressive fork springs will firm up the front along with some fresh oil, too. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-DT175-Bassani-Exhaust-Pipe-Expansion-Chamber_W0QQitemZ4650547860QQihZ002QQcategoryZ35581QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting There's a brand new bassani for a DT175 - ya might be pretty close on there.. Have fun and post up the pics as you go!
  8. JPinLA

    XT500 wiring

    Yeah, the headlights don't run until you power up the bike. The wiring is pretty simple on that bike - if you still have the harness.. do you have the wiring diagram? http://members.tripod.com/ljthomp/diagrams.htm
  9. JPinLA

    Just found this forum, look what I got

    Also, when you upgrade the tires, check out the Avon Distanzia's - they rock! I use 'em more for canyons, but they still have big enough logs on 'em..
  10. JPinLA

    Just found this forum, look what I got

    Why stop at 3?!?! LOL... Hey, if you love it - it's perfect!! Who cares what people think! If it's at night and it backfires, do three flames shoot out? If so - it's worth it for sure!
  11. JPinLA

    xt 500 1980 shockers

    You can actually order the replacements from www.bikebandit.com they have factory NOS parts. You can also go to anyplace that sells progressive suspension and put on a set of magnums or if you want to pay around just under 400 - works performance will build you a set, valved and set up for your weight, too!
  12. One more thing - The bike, when I got it - had the b8es plug in it (I believe this is a "colder" plug than the bp6-es as the thing has run for years on that plug - do you think going back to it would be a bad thing?) **Update - Moving the clip up one notch on the needle helped.. but it's still feels "fat".. The surging may be a direct result of that freakin' fuel filter, (*it's practically empty when you look at the clear plastic, so I'm thinking it's too much..) so I picked up a smaller, disk type one that hopefully will work better. Checked the plug riding up the street at mid throttle - killed the engine - still black, see beginnings of brown, but still looks too black to me... Picked up a BP7-ES as well - Should I run with this cooler plug? As soon as it cools down, I'll go up one more notch (so I'll have reached the max on the needle.. ) hopefully that will be okay.. and close enough to toasty brown / light tan..
  13. I should add, that this kit came from Mark over at Thumperstuff - so perhaps that may give you some insight..
  14. Eddie, Good morning! Thanks for getting back to me so fast - The carb comes with one size (I believe) over and under in little bags.. Main jet - I "think" a 230 is in there, as I have a 220 and a 240 for adjustments Pilot - I have a 3.0 and a 37.5 - so would that mean there's a 3.25 to 3.5 in there? Needle - I have no clue.. as the spec sheet doesn't state out of the box what's in there.. (runs to net to see if I can search for some info on the factory needle..)
  15. Does anyone have any experience with this White Bros Carb kit? 36mm Carb..KN Filter. I've got an XT headerpipe and TT rear pipe with a Jetson Race - Supertrapp Knock off type muffler (from an XR600)... Installed the carb got it to fire on the 3rd kick (took two to suck in the fuel it seems) but at idle and everything above, it's running way too rich. It idles but as I click into the needle jet range - it's blubbering and surging - if you hold the throttle open, it's as if you're opening and closing the throttle as it loads up... (I also put in a purolator fuel filter, but I'm going to swap that out with a smaller motorcycle type "disk" filter as this thing has a huge gap of air in it and I'm wondering if that's contributing to the surge... On the main jet, full open, the sucker sings, it's just that the blubbering beast - (oily gassy plug and black sooty rings on the exhaust) is far too rich below.. I moved the needle clip up to lean it out one notch - but haven't ridden it yet as it was kind of late to terrorize the neighborhood with that beast.. (Still have one left should I need to go leaner) I thought about going up two notches on the needle, rather than one to save time, but I hope one is enough... Also - the factory recommends a bp-6es (colder plug) and on the earlier models, it came with a bp-7es, the original owner had a B8ES in there and it ran fine in the stock configuration, prior to carb / exhaust / K&N mods... What do you guys run here? Thanks in advance! JP (Sorry about the dual post, I made a mistake --- figured this would be a better place..