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  1. Geoffsta

    any aussies?

    Windsor NSW
  2. Geoffsta

    WR450 owners manual

    http://www.repairmanualclub.com/yamaha_manuals Try this place.
  3. Geoffsta

    GPS datum setting in Australia

    I have a local topographic 1;25000 it states "This map is produced on the Australian geodeticdatum AGD" The satellite values are on WGS84
  4. Just wring it out, then leave it in the sun to dry.
  5. Geoffsta

    Coolant Compatibilty

    What coolants are or arent compatable with the original coolant ? I just want to top mine up without replacing the lot.
  6. Recently I drowned my bike and the oil was milky. It took 10 oil changes with running the engine for about 2 minutes between each one to clean the oil. I just used cheap engine oil untill the last 2 changes, hasnt been a problem since.
  7. Geoffsta

    Another Australian!

    Maybee someone should post what Matty 05 said about this site at DBW.