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  1. lol 2 people say 2 different things. just wanted to know what the standard plug is. im in australia if that changes anything.
  2. what is the standard spark plug for the 05 cr250 is it a bre8g or bre9g?
  3. dont mean to be rude but what i asked for was crower or cp high comp i dont want a je piston or anything else just out of those 2 pistons.
  4. what does everyone reckon is a better highcomp piston in terms of durability and power increase for the crower and cp high comp piston. its for a 2007 crf250.
  5. fmf-crf. na mate i live in australia advantage is just the shop i go to that looks after me.
  6. 97on22s- well i really cant show a pic of my engine can i. thats where the real mods are and carby. my bike pumps out 39hp. so yes there is a long list if u open up the engine.
  7. here check my bike out this is my 07 crf250. list of mods are 2 long cant be bothered saying them all.
  8. damn it the site you gave me turbo glen says no international shipments and im in australia. dirtbikr188 do you know another site or anyone else know another site where i can get the same product.
  9. dirtbikr188 was that the thing you were talking about the thing that turboglen put as a link.
  10. ok hes the full description that rubber spigot in the picture keeps breaking. the manifold is a kitaco one on a takegawa head and it makes the carby point up so when i jump it the seat pushes the carby down because its rubbing on it and then breaks the rubber. i want to know if there is a way to fix it. or how do you make the carby come out the front of the bike like the pros have.
  11. my rubber spigot on my manifold keeps splitting because the carby sort of hangs down. does any company make a stronger rubber spigot or is there any way i can stop it from happening. i think it could because i have a kitaco manifold on a takegawa engine. any help would be great.
  12. if anyone is selling a sano front end or a fast 50 speed forks tell me cause i want to buy them.
  13. to answer both the questions yeh the oc duals really helped agaist the stock the bike stock has no bottom end. also i got my numbers from a place in australia called ringmaster images they do a good job.
  14. here it is ppls the best 07 crf250 ull see. now has pc twin ti exhausts and other things but it was stock when i took the pic.
  15. just got a kitaco rev box and was wondering where and how do i install it. i have the standard shock in at the moment but a i shock is goin in really soon. so where do i mount it and how do i make it work.