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  1. The_Boss

    TTR225 Puny?

    Hey everyone, Thanks for all the good replys. I feel a lot better now about my purchase and can't wait to get out onto the trails! Thanks again!
  2. The_Boss

    TTR225 Puny?

    I just traded for a '99 TTR 225 and before I got it, I did do some research on it and for the most part, liked what I heard. My question is though, why do so many people ream on it so much? Did I make a good decision on my trade? I was looking for less power, and the bike I had was way to big for me anyways. This one, I can just get on it and go. No high maintenance and so on. I'm not real big into dirtbikes yet, but hope to grow into it. I am a beginner. That's why I saw it as a good trade. Hopefully someone will tell me that it was a good trade of for me. At least that is what I would like to hear. Thanks,