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    i have a 2007 drz400sm. I was running gas from a local mobil staion with no ethanol and the bike ran fine at around 60 mpg. Filled it up at a sunoco station which sells e10 ultra 94 and the bike started running like sh**. It was studdering at a constant throttle and stalling. It also had problems revving up when you had it in neutral. My mileage dropped to about 52 mpg. I thought something was wrong with my bike until my brother brought to my attention about the ethanol gas from sunoco. He had a similar problem in his street legal wr426. I siphoned out what gas was left and filled it up with the 93 octane from mobile and immediately it ran fine and I started getting 60 mpg again. I wont run the e10 at all anymore in my bike.
  2. good news. I put the battery on the trickle charger for most of the day yesterday and it seems to be back to normal now. I thought it was dead because we jumped it and rode it around for like 1 1/2 hours and it was still dead after that. I guess it just needed a good charge. Thanks guys.
  3. The person I bought the bike from had it sitting for a little while with no tender. I've tried charging it and it wont keep a charge. I had a brand new drz400s back in 02' and I had my battery go dead the first winter i stored it because I was not aware of the fact of the current drain.
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to confirm something. I am about to order a new battery for my 2007 drz400sm and I am just making sure if they are the same as the S, and E model batteries because every search I do brings up batteries for only the S and E models. I'm pretty sure they are but just wanted to make sure before I buy. Here are the one's I'm looking at http://www.batterystuff.com/power-sports-battery/sYT7B-4.html http://www.batterymart.com/p-YT7B-BS-AGM-Maintenance-Free-Battery.html Also please give input on how you feel about these batteries. Are they good or not? Thanks.
  5. dfredendall

    Premix Ratio Recommendation

    I usually run 40:1 in mostly all of the machines i've owned. Ran 50:1 in my 250r but I think 40:1 is pretty common.
  6. I'd rather not have to mail it anywhere. Even if I had to drop my bike off somewhere for a while I'd be fine with that.
  7. Hey, I'm looking to get my suspension done on my yz250. Id like to get it revalved and set to my weight and riding conditions. I live near Rochester but I travel anywhere from Buffalo to syracuse and up into Northern NY where I go to school on a regular basis. I know there is a pro-action franchise only about 1/2 hour from my house and have a friend who works at hygear near syracuse. I was just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions on where to go around any of these areas. Any help is well appreciated. THanks.
  8. I just bought a 2001 yz250. It came with a DEP pipe with FMF silencer on it. It seems to run good through the whole band but its pretty loud. I am going to do mostly all trail riding with it. Some of the places i go to it may be too loud and I would rather have a quieter bike anyway. I was wondering if i found a stock pipe for it if the power would still be ok for me and how much it would quiet it down. I see that there is a few stock pipes and silencers on ebay right now but does anyone know if i could put a newer year pipe on my bike. Like say a 03 or 05? I also saw the fmf Q silencers and wondered if anyone had any input on them. Could I get some input on what other combos i could run for my situation.
  9. I need a light good enough to do night riding when we go on riding trips. I wont be racing through the desert or anything. Just good enough so i can see good enough at night to do normal trail riding.
  10. if you guys were to put one of the aftermarket headlights on what one do you think you would go with?
  11. Hey, I just got a great deal on a 2001 yz 250 in excellent shape. I dont race at all but do a lot of off road riding which includes a lot of trails, pits, hill climbing, and in the woods. I want to make this bike a better trail machine. Im going to buy a headlight for it and some bark busters but what are some things i can do to it to make the power delivery better for off road? It came with a dep pipe and im thinking of just finding a stock pipe on ebay or somewhere to put on it. WHat about putting weights on the flywheel? Im not sure what to do, i need some suggestions from some of you hair scramble guys.
  12. dfredendall

    best looking stocker...rockstar!

    im kinda new to the game here and just have a question. Im building a 50 and was wondering is there a stocker class at the races and what qualifies your bike to be a stocker. do you need the stock frame, forks, and wheels or what.