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  1. welshtiger

    Watch all your favorite riders free**

    Had a message of a member, so i thought i share it with you all From this site, you pay $9.95 to sign up and i tell you what, i saved loads... for the parts i wanted, it would cost £400 in uk, thats $700 in us, theres abouts.. i sign up and bought all i wanted for $391...thats about £237 saving myself £160 uk money.. the only snag was you have to pay import tax when it arrives, but today i was happy to find out it was only £22, still a saving of £138... happy days..took about 3 weeks from the time i ordered, but with christmas and all that, thats good.. sorry if its in the wrong forum again...still learning the ropes on here...
  2. welshtiger

    Watch all your favorite riders free**

    Just to put UK buyers at ease, my order came to about $390 which was about £237 at the time with postage.... even though you pay import tax, received item today and only had to pay an extra £22 like i said before, still a very, very big saving indeed.... hope you didn't mind me posting that TT
  3. It has proberly been mensioned before but i am new to this site and thought i'd share this link with the new and old users ... www.motox.tv haven't worked out where to post my appreciation to this site when ordering parts, it saved me over £100 ( £137 to be exact )UK sterling and even though the parts were shipped to the uk, they still onlt took 3 weeks and thats with the christmas period... many thanks TT