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  1. Tigolebitties

    Pics of Your 450....

    2006 CRF450R. Still a work in progress. Looks like a garage queen, but I ride her like a cheap hooker!
  2. Thanks Shawn, sent ya a PM. Thanks also for the details Diggla.
  3. Tigolebitties

    A, A-A, A/A, A/B - &%$#@!?

    I checked out Partzilla and saw what you're talking about. Maybe it's country regions. I've always used Motosport.com and have never seen any parts coded like that. Have you called Partzilla and asked them?
  4. Tigolebitties

    A, A-A, A/A, A/B - &%$#@!?

    What specifically are you referring too and have you looked up OEM parts on Motosport.com? That's the best site for OEM lookup.
  5. I know this is a super old thread, but where's a good service shop in SoCal that has good experiecing installing these? Specifically 06 CRF450R. I don't trust the instructions of "slapping and clanking" and want it done correctly.
  6. Tigolebitties

    FMF Powerbomb Header with Dr. D Exhaust

    The old Dr. D header slid inside the muffler mid pipe as does the new FMF header. I don't think I've seen a system where the header slips over the muffer midpipe. By the way, this Dr. D muffler is for sale. Brand new badge and packing. This thing is in near perfect condition. $150.00 shipped.
  7. Tigolebitties

    Throttle Jockey

    First time ordering from Throttle Jockey and I can't say how impressed I am with their quality, fit and ease of putting on. I've been through all different makes of graphics between mine and my sons bikes over the years and with each install I've had some type of issue, even if very minor. Not one single hitch with these. The install for these graphics was flawless. It's common to get air bubbles and have to peel and restick to get them all out eventually streching your graphics. These things went on like cake first time. Perfit fit and finish. I purchased the shrouds and ended up custom ordering the swingarm and fork guard Touque set. Throttle Jockey and Factory Backing are the only two graphic companies I've used that doesn't have the sticky residue along the edge of the graphics. Factory Effex by far is the worst company with this issue. Thier graphics are messy. Anyhow, new customer for life!!
  8. Tigolebitties

    2007crf450r with metal on trans oil

    What type of flakes are they? Are they magnetic? Brass?
  9. Everything everyone else said above. I have the TM chain block with a black Mika sprocket and it doesn't rub the block one bit. You have to be really careful ordering the correct block from TM. They have 3 different models, which one did you get? The PN on mine is RCG-CR2 Factory Edition #1.
  10. Tigolebitties

    06 crf 450

    Diggla, did Fastheads do your head work? Did you like their service? Nice bike btw.
  11. Tigolebitties

    FMF Powerbomb Header with Dr. D Exhaust

    I treat my bikes like my women. Keep them fresh and clean and they'll keep you content and happy. This is actually my tinker garage queen. My bone stock 2012 looks ragged compared to my 2006.
  12. Tigolebitties

    06 crf 450

    The best year and bike I've ever owned. The best investment you can make on this bike is getting your suspension set up. It's a bit harsh in stock form. I also have a 2012 450R and even though it's my go to race bike, I always go back to my 06 for play riding because it's fun as hell to ride and will last forever as long as you check valves, change oil and clean your air-filter reguarly. Make sure to change the coolant to Engine Ice also. Here's a pic of my 06.
  13. Why right? Quick background. I've had my 2006 CRF450R for quite sometime with the full Dr. D stainless system. The perfomance and durability from this system has been awesome, but there was one thing I never liked about my exhaust and that was the drop down headpipe system that Dr. D has used with this model. I know this was the intended design, but why? Not only does it look funky, but I've burned countless race pants on this system. Why does FMF and PC and all the other exhaust makers have very similar canisters, but completely different and much shorter headpipes, so I did an experiment. I ordered an FMF Powerbomb header off ebay having no clue whether or not it would fit, much less give me the same performance. I've heard rave reviews about the Powerbomb header and that it actually out performs the Megabomb in some instances. On top of that, it looks bad ass. Yes, I'm that dude that likes the look of my bike as well as function. So I crossed my fingers and waited for the header to arrive. My intention was that if it didn't fit, I would just give in and buy the FMF Powercore slip on and sell my whole Dubach system as one. Low and behold, the header arrived this morning so I quickly unpacked and hoped like hell it would fit with the Dr. D muffler. I measured the Powerbomb pipe diameter with the Dubach header and they were a perfect match so now the real test. I mocked it up on the bike and hot damn, that thing fit like a glove!! Slid right into the Dr. D muffler mid-pipe like butter, I couldn't believe it. I bolted everything up and took her for a spin up and down the road and she still has the mean ass bark along with the power to go with it. Mind you, I'll still take it down to get dyno'd so I can see what the real gains are if any, but the first impression, look and feel have been perfect so far. So if you have the old Dr. D set up on an 06-08 CRF450R and possibly the X with the saggy tits head pipe and you want to upgrade without buying a complete system, it's doable. Will it fit with other mufflers? I have no idea, but given that this went together with ease, I would assume so.
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