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  1. atelie

    full throttle

    I noticed the bike completely stock runs better with the baffle than without, but it feels really chocked... and as I want to race it also as a supermoto I'm going for the full lot: jetting kit, open airbox, open exaust and pink wire mod! we'll see what happens...
  2. atelie

    full throttle

    let me know how it goes: I ordered it as well but it's gonna be few weeks before it gets here...
  3. atelie

    full throttle

    hi everybody, I have a '06 450X totally stock apart from the baffle removed: I'm quite annoyed by the fact that if I open full throttle from low revs the engine gets choked and I have to partially release the accelerator. If I do it from idle (in neutral) it just stalls. Is it just one of the reasons to rejet and open the airbox or is it unacceptable even for a stock bike? the XR650r I had before (completely stock as well) never missed a thump!
  4. atelie

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    in the european version the manual (and the writing on the engine) says 750cc (2006 model). and it comes out from the check hole.
  5. atelie

    oil filter

  6. atelie

    oil filter

    is the CRF450X paper oil filter the same as CRF450R? thanx
  7. atelie

    rear light

    hi guys, I write from Italy and I have a CRF450X (which here is called CRE450X who knows why...) as for the Italian market they change it a bit (they add turn and stop lights) I was wandering how the rear leds work on yours: stop light?! together with the headlights?! I'm asking because I just connect it and it stays always on when the engine is running. ciao!