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  1. I got it from Midwest racing, we brought 3 of them, nice bunch.
  2. Hope you like it:ride: Ive sold my 450x and like to change my user name to JamieP if possible, who do i contact?
  3. thanks for that... and i dont have one
  4. hi i have a crf450x which was imported to the uk from america... how can i tell if my bike has a smog kit on it? any picture would be cool.... many thanks jamie....
  5. 7 hours riding...(long fast trails) im only just warming up now
  6. thanks for the welcome.... ridings exellent (especially wales) been out with a few mates today did about 200 miles... sailsburyplain.. very cold -1c
  7. i wouldnt have a clue where to start
  8. ive ordered my jd jetting kit.... having it fitted by http://www.pdq1.co.uk/ on their rolling road so i will have before and after power graph which i will post up when done
  9. thanks for the link ill send him an email
  10. thanks guys.... ive been reading good reports on the jd jetting kits.. can you recomend a company that will post one to the uk(tried crfs onlybut they dont post to the uk)
  11. sounds nice.. and a lot lighter than stock
  12. hi new member.....from buckinghampshire.... england here is a picture off my 450x full fmfq titanium system renthal yokes and fatbars excell rims and talon hubs carbon fork and frame gaurds http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c338/jamie450x/thumper.jpg
  13. http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c338/jamie450x/my450.jpg