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  1. Hauling up from north Texas to meet a Gunny buddy for this one. My first xc event, I won't use the word race as I'll be hoping to finish, looking forward to this like a 6 year old at Christmas. Cool you guys are giving back.
  2. rlfhouse

    trash talkers

    Was at a track a while back doing thirty minute motos trying to shed some pounds and just having a little fun. My 30 minute moto lap times would make a competitive C racer cry. After my first moto, I had noticed a guy on a crf250 that was blazing fast for a 1/8 - 1/4 of a lap then would cut the track putt around then turn it back on for another 1/8 - 1/4 lap then go park it in the shade. When he turned it on he was faster than I could will ever be. I guessing a fast B or maybe even mid pack A. At minute 26 of my 2nd moto I rounded a nice long berm that s turned to a long table. There he was, slowly heading along the right side which was the line I had been taking, I go to the far left side and turn it on for the run up. When I passed him in the air I was at least 20-25' away on the far side of the line he was running. I did not squeeze him at all. Well it must either A) p#ssed him off or hurt his 'lil ego b/c soon as I hit next turn I hear he has it turned on. I decide to ride at 100% just to see how long it would take him to pass me. The track then has a hammer it / slow down 4 turn section. At turn 4, I could hear him on me and I just held my line which was the inside with plenty of room to run 5 wide if need be. At the apex the guy goes from the outside to the in when he passes me to the point of completely cutting me off as if he was going to win an outdoor title. I grabbed a fist full of front and lock the back or I would have nailed him!!!! Of course, not 2 turns later he cut the track to head back to his truck. I finished that lap and another to complete my moto and headed back to the truck. I was so mad I was shaking and wanted desperately to go "talk" to him about his practice manners. But I'm in a profession where an altercation could cost me my license. So I just sat there and watched the little turd pack up and drive out with steam pouring out of my ears. I have had the honor of being on the same track as Lemoine, the Wharton bros, Cunningham, the Hahn bros, Demuth and dozens of local pros at one time or another since I started in '04. Yes, I'm a name dropping wh#re. All I have ever done is hold my line and never have I had an issue like this:thumbsup: . They all just fly by at warp speed respecting my space and never has anything as c@ckheaded as this occurred. Long winded moral - even a fast kid can be a p%ick. And I agree, the exception to the rule in my experience. I've never had the pleasure of hearing a fellow c/d classer bag on an A rider. That's just retarded. Lack of self esteem just rearing its ugly head.
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    2009 2010 ktm 450 sx prices???

    A few problems IMHO on getting one cheap right now. -KTM is overstocked back to the '08s as of right now. Between the price and parts package being offered to sweeten the deal (fmf exhaust, etc) that they are bound to be breaking even at best. I bet KTM Corporate is loosing their shirts on them however. -If the 08s have not been liquidated, I imagine there will be left over 09s as well. That depends on how quickly they cut their production #s after the meltdown beginning last fall. -If that is true I would imagine they are scaling back production#s on the 10s. -Plus the KTM has traditionally been a slightly more expensive bike. To make matters worse, in the last few years the dollar has lost more and more value vs. the euro. I believe we're currently at around 1.40 USD per euro vs. 1.20 a year ago. Point being is most dealerships are probably, again my opinion only, going to try to get you onto an 08 or 09 by making the 10 less attractive $$$$. There is no where near the pressure to move a 2010 today, next week or even month as a new 08. Being from Texas, Munn has the reputations of being a very competitive shop, read sells parts and bikes for cheap. They are a volume dealer for sure. If you can find a 2010 cheaper than Munn, buy it and quick. My local KTM shop has a new 08 450 SXF with the goodies package for 5K pretax. If I was in your shoes, I would buy an 08 and spend the savings on suspension and engine work. Turn it into a fire breather with personalized suspension maybe with a touch of bling. I have an 08 250sxf that I'm still very happy with, with only light suspension work. I know the 09s were a "refining year" and from what I have read the 2010 models are not going to have any earth shattering redesigns, i.e. no laied over engine or linkage. Good luck, you got a fun problem.
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    Texas forecast!!!!!!!

    Been in TX all my life, I hate you west coast guys. Santa Barbara on up is especially awesome. Surf, board and mx in the same day, that's nirvana.
  5. rlfhouse

    Texas forecast!!!!!!!

    F NOAA? Ok. They are calling for 97-100 in DFW this weekend? For realz? Looks like 92 & 93 to me. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Dallas&state=TX&site=FWD&textField1=32.7942&textField2=-96.7652 Well aware of where Freestone is located. I will be there again racing tomorrow night and spectating Saturday. Please click the Orginal NOAA link again, the forecast comes from their DFW office but the forecast is for "Point Forecast: Wortham, TX." http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Wortham&state=TX&site=FWD&textField1=31.79&textField2=-96.4608&e=0 I hope you are wrong as well b/c attendence was down last year and I hate to think we could end up losing our national.
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    Texas forecast!!!!!!!

    100s, I don't get it? Did forecasts change? Highs according to NOAA will be in the mid 90s. Should be pleasant compared to the last couple of years @ Freestone. NOAA says 93, weather channel 95. High today isn't even expected to break 90 in Wortham. Cool front blew through yesterday and it feels great were I am, currently only 80 at 1435, just north of Fort Worth. I've been to France in July, it was ALMOST as hot and humid as north Texas so I wouldn't count the French kid out even if the thermomter did hit 102. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Wortham&state=TX&site=FWD&textField1=31.79&textField2=-96.4608&e=0 http://www.weather.com/outlook/health/allergies/local/USTX1492?lswe=Wortham,%20TX&lwsa=Weather36HourAllergiesCommand&from=searchbox_typeahead
  7. Suspension near DFW, I would go talk to Brian Storrie at SMS. He started as a suspension guy years ago and eventually picked up KTM & GasGas (as a dealer). He has a HUGE Xcountry following. Customer service is 2nd to none IMO. Not to say don't like my 250SXF, I do, but Brian is THE reason I ride a KTM. http://www.smsracing.net/
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    Another DNF for Bubba?

    Well Maurice, agree to disagree? I think the worst thing for Reed to do is get all worried and stressed over a win at this point resulting in a meltdown. I realize that his points lead probably won't even last 'till mid Febuary at this rate, but the WORST thing Reed could do at this point is take himself out by riding beyond his skill level b/c Bubba will not give back the points as easily Reed has. A 25 point point shift to Bubba in a single round would, IMO, end Reed's title chase. I think it could crush him mentally. Where Bubba can and is overcoming that especially now that he iis looking more comfortable on his bike. Hence, my argument that his focus needs to be getting better starts and putting in solid rides, meaning no less that 3rd. A win this weekend or the next would boost Reed's ego considerably but I didn't agree with Emig that said Houston was "a must win," for Reed. Bubba is the fastest guy on the track right now no doubt, but Bubba is not perfect and Reed needs to hang in there close enough in the points to be able to capitalize on a mistake, if and when JBS commits another. Also, Reed hasn't pushed Bubba head to head since A1 and when Bubba gets out front like that you might as well turn the TV off. If Reed can hang in close in the points and put together several rides where he is on Bubba's rear wheel, I believe he has a legit shot of picking up some points. I would bet money his team is telling him the same. Bubba is still prone to make a mistake, see A1. Skewer me if you want, but I think Bubba still gets a little too excited when he is pushed for multiple laps at a time which can affect his judgement in a negative way. I think that Reed is going to have to exploit that possibility if he really wants to give Bubba a run for the title. This year I really like both riders and all in all I just hope it isn't over early.
  9. rlfhouse

    Another DNF for Bubba?

    Sorry but CR was scored a 7th for Daytona not a DNF last year due to his lead and proximity to the checkered flag. And that wasn't his worst result last year which was 12th in Detroit and another 7th in Minneapolis. Yes we all like KW, but the fact of the matter is KW & CR pushed each other all the way to Seattle, which was one of KW's many wins straight up over CR. Problem is for us KW fans, Reed had many more wins than poor results. CR's problems last year were his wrecks and wreck related related injuries. Results and summaries for '08 can be found here. http://www.supercross.com/race-results/ama-supercross Having said all that, I am very impressed with Reed this year in both his speed and attitude. He looks more content as a person and smoother on the track than I believe I have ever seen him. RDecoster, the GOAT, Goose, and Zook seem to be serving him well. Reed has actually won me over for this year. His wreck to 2nd place ride last week was one of the best rides I think I've ever seen. BUT, let's not revise history and belittle the solid numbers that the KW had last year by saying Reed had a DNF at Daytona. Reed only had 13 points on KW going into Seattle, traded wins there and Vegas to beat KW by 13. I do however agree that saying CR needs a win soon is incorrect. Chad just needs to keep putting together solid rides and work on getting out of the gate a little better. It is way too long of a season to start feeling desperate for a win while you have the points lead.
  10. I stole the following from a local (north Texas) mx site, so I don't know if it is true or not. So is this true, with any real possibility of happening, would it apply to parts? I hope not. Anybody know for sure? Have links, etc.? "The AMA announced today that it has written to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative opposing a plan that could double the cost of some European motorcycles imported into the United States. The plan being considered by U.S. trade officials would impose a 100 percent import duty on more than 100 European goods -- including two engine displacement categories of motorcycles, 51cc to 250cc, and 251cc to 500cc. The federal measure is designed as retaliation to the 27-member European Union's continuing import ban on American beef treated with growth hormones. EU officials haven't lifted that 20-year-old ban, despite a World Trade Organization (WTO) order to end it. If U.S. officials impose the retaliatory tariff, it would double the price of a host of under-500cc on- and off-highway machines from brands such as Aprilia, Beta, BMW, Fantic, Gas Gas, Husaberg, Husqvarna, KTM, Montesa, Piaggio, Scorpa, Sherco, TM and Vespa. "There is no logical link between European motorcycles and the dispute over beef," said Ed Moreland, AMA vice president for government relations, in his comments submitted to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. "Imposing these stiff tariffs on motorcycles would do nothing to resolve the trade dispute, but would punish American buyers of European motorcycles." The AMA's comments make a strong argument that motorcycles have no business being used as a lever in a dispute over beef. "Trade disputes residing concretely within the boundaries of the agricultural industry should not be resolved with trade sanctions levied against non-agricultural products," Moreland said. "A 100 percent ad valorem, or higher, tariff on these motorcycles will cause serious and potentially irreversible harm to American small- and medium-sized business owners selling the vehicles. Additionally, citizens will be denied access to certain models of competition and recreation motorcycles that contribute to the lifestyle and well-being of millions of American families." The United States wants to impose $116.8 million in import duties to equal the amount of money it claims the U.S. beef industry loses each year because of the ban. The WTO has agreed on that amount. Interested parties have until Dec. 8 to comment on which European goods should be subject to the 100 percent tariff in the dispute. It is unknown when U.S. officials will make a final decision."
  11. rlfhouse

    Any truth to this? 100% KTM Tax.

    Eastreich, I have not read the links yet but thanks for posting. Here is my main issue. The sole reason I ride an '08 SX250f is my dealer. He is the picture perfect American small business owner. Don't get me wrong I love my bike, but would have gone cheaper (honda, yam or zook) on my newest bike if it wouldn't been for his exceptional customer service through the years. His shop is by far the best I have ever done business with, heck his business is probably one of the best business's I've ever dealt with period. I would hate to see him get pushed out of business or suffer financially over this mess. Hopefully this is all just political posturing as stated before.
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    noob to KTM

    My 2 cents are located here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=694802
  13. What are you using it for? Are you seriously into racing? Are you really really really good? If so, the suspension might be an issue for you if you don't have the $ to get it settled. If you aren't really really good (I'm not so don't get offended and most aren't weather they know it or not) it really won't make a big difference. The engine will rev to the moon if you're that type of rider, I don't know about the CRF, sorry. I did forget to mention this, the ease of maintenance on the KTM is amazing. Changing the spark plug requires no great effort, i.e. no pulling the of the tank, air filter requires no tools and is EASILY accessed. Oil screens are also easily accessed. On the negative side I will be ordering a "hard parts" soft seat SOON. The seat is a brick. I believe that with regular maintenance this (KTM) motor will be solid for a long time. Not that I know or am impling that the Honda will not, I have no clue. On the plus side, KTM is willing to cover a defect in workmanship if you were to have a problem in the first month I believe. My shop was about to warranty my clutch resevoir until them I told I had dumped it rather hard. Customer service is a big deal to me, so which shop treats you better? Which shop do you want to have to continue going to during the time you have that bike? I have 2 honda dealerships, KTM, and a Zuk/Yam shop all 30 miles from my house. The KTM guys know my name and have never treated me poorly. I can't say the same about the other 3 despite buying a 2 bikes from one of them. In the end, pick what feels comfortable for you, religiously due your basic maintenance and either bike SHOULD bring you loads of fun. Hope that helps. Just my humble opinions.
  14. Here I go, PLEASE keep in mind the opinions that are about to be stated are just that, opinions. I do not pretend to be an expert at mx, supension set up, or fast. I do not buy bikes based on magazines or championships. First, me. 34 y/o C class mxer (C on a good day) who gets to ride about 2-5 days per month depending. Been riding for 5 years now, with exception to being a kid in a field. 5'10", 180 lbs in street clothes. I am sloppy (riding style) and out of shape. My reference points, bikes I have owned. 1981 MX 80- where it all started! 2002? (can't remember year for certain) KTM SX200 2002 YZ 250 2t 2004 CRF 250R 2006 RMZ 450 2006 YZ 250 2t Now 2008 SXF 250 I have no eligence (sp?) to any manufacturer, but perhaps a shop. Engine - I love the engine. Linear and powerful. Faster than my CRF that had high comp piston and full FMF exhaust, but it was an '04 and I realize that. My 08 is bone stock. I am faster on this bike than any of my previous ones. Disclosure, perhaps I am a better rider now? All of my riding last year was done on 2 strokes. Engine is a beast from the mid and up. With six speeds it is not too hard to keep it there. Reliability- I may not be the best to answer this as I only have 30 or so hours on the bike. I change the oil and air filter every ride / oil filter every other. Yes, I am anal, but maintenance is enjoyable to me. Valves had not moved at the 10 and 25 hour marks. I feel like the engine is finally broken in. Have not had a single issue with this bike. Well, that wasn't my fault (broken clutch resevoir). I plan on checking piston at 60 hours. But, I have been told I'll probably be able just to replace rings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Handling- This is and the CRF are the two best turning bikes I have owned. I am fully confident on my SXF in hard pack or loamy turns. Point and shoot. Have not riden in overly muddy conditions. Again, I'm not a good technical rider. Ergos- The clamp is 4-way adjustable. At 5'10" with a switch to the most forward position, I felt right at home in a few laps. If you have been riding for 15 years on hondas you may not feel the same..? Suspension- Excellent in big to medium hits on both ends. Shock is not A plus in acceleration and braking bumps. Not the worst bike I have owned in this department but, I will be spending some $ on the shock in the winter. Yes, both sags set by shop who is arguably the area's best KTM tuner. On the flip side this is one of the top two bikes I have owned for bottoming resistance. I shorted a long camel back about a month ago. While in the air all I could think was, this is going to hurt. To my surpise, landing was plush and did not aggrevate my bad ankle. Even with the shock flaws, I believe this bike to only be out done, in my experience, by my 2006 YZ and not by much. The YZ was just a little plusher in all conditions while not giving anything up in the bottoming department. Clutch - Sublime. Transmission - One of, if not, the best at shifting under a load. I have yet to miss a shift that was not my fault. Brakes - Excellent. Be careful on hard pack when you are pumped up (see broken clutch resevoir). Serioussly, the brakes are better than a rider like me will ever need. Why did I buy this bike? I was down to the CRF vs. SXF. I had experience with both brands, good and bad. Both bikes were very appealing to me. The bottom line for me was that the shop that has wrenched on my bikes for the last four years is honest and I've yet to catch them bending me over. This means a lot to me. Guess, what they sell? KTM. So if it is a push for you, go with the shop that treats you the best IMO.
  15. I've been running the Motorex 10-50 per the KTM manual. Well I'm sick of the 50 mile round trip when I run out so here is my question. Will Silkolene Comp 4 SX 4T (JASO MA) 10-40 have any adverse affects on my engine and or trans.? Anybody use this stuff? There is a shop right around the corner from my casa and the price is almost half of what I've been paying for the Motorex. I was told that 10-40 is thinner than 10-50, but it (40) feels thicker? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Not looking to start an oil war.
  16. rlfhouse

    '08 250sxf & Oil Choice?

    They won't let me on b/c I only have yahoo mail. Was hoping you would chime in VilleKTM. What are your thoughts on Silkolene Comp 4 SX 4T (JASO MA) 10-40?
  17. rlfhouse

    '08 250sxf & Oil Choice?

    That's some funny sheet right there, but exactly my concern. I rev the unholy crap out of this bike compared to my 450 which probably never saw the high side of 10k rpm on the track. Thanks for the responses, they set my mind at ease. Can't wait for tomorrow morning............... We're in that window of weather in north Texas when you are actually happy to live here. No more 98 degrees @ 10AM with 40% humidity until next July.
  18. rlfhouse

    '08 250sxf & Oil Choice?

    Appreciate the reply and I know what you're saying. I used Rotella for my other 4t and changed frequently with good results. I'm just being anal b/c this is my first new 250f and want to make sure it lasts as long as possible before having to sink serious $ into it. I didn't worry about my 450 or 250 2t near as much for obvious reasons. Was just curious b/c manual states JASO T903 MA standard. I didn't know if T903 was some sort of magical additive that had to be run or some such? I'll try not to worry about my baby too much. I love her so.
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    Texas Toro

    KW- I would imagine estart will be ok. Atleast 40-50% of the bikes on the line will probably be KTMs and I'm sure many of those will be estart models. Also, one of the promoters is a KTM dealer so I doubt he would allow his customers' bikes to be excluded. I believe C class is begninner in xc racing not for sure on that one either. Post same question here and you will probably get a better result. http://www.texasoffroad.net/forum_php/postlist.php?Cat=&Board=dirtbike_toro_public Or contact Brian @ SMS Racing in Denton, he'll be able to tell you for sure. http://www.smsracing.net/ Good luck.
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    http://www.ktm.com/Service-Safety-Check.213.20.html Put in your VIN # and it will tell you if affected. I would call me dealer as well.
  21. rlfhouse


    Just put in my VIN on KTM website and spoke to my dealer. VIN came up "no sevice needed." When I spoke to my dealer, which is the only reason I ride a ktm, he told me that it was not all '08 250SXFs. He went on to say that if it was (mine effected) he would be notified first and I would later receive a letter direct from KTM. He also said he knows my maintenance schedule, overkill on oil changes etc., and if I did blow my crank to bring it in and he would take care of it. Guess maybe the initial run or 2 had some problems? When I bought mine, it was late into the release season and actually had to wait 6 weeks for delievery. I took delievery in January. Mine has 42.5 hours and no problems. Sorry to hear about your problems guys. Good luck. Oh and to the hater that said ktm was about to get sued, so Suk & Kawi recalled the topends on their '04 250fs? Did Honda recall for the valves and paper thin cyclinders on their '04 250fs? Yes, the kicker bolts have been know to loosen and fall out. That's an easy fix compared to the thousands I peed away on my '04 CRF250.
  22. Sorry, was not trying to imply you to be foolish. There is no way to be 100% safe in MX but every bit helps IMHO. A lot of people on TT will claim the leatt to be a waste. I disagree. Don't know about EVS quality.
  23. I went down like a lawn dart on Sunday. Slick corner plus pumped up = too much front break. Anyway, I am very thankfull that I was wearing a Leatt. I had some soreness in my neck and shoulders Monday and Tuesday but feel 100% today. I don't think I was in danger of breaking my neck but I know I would still be in pain for the next week or two w/out it. Not my first lawn dart impression. I WILL NEVER RIDE WITH OUT THE LEATT AGAIN. Most racers won't think twice about a $900 exhaust but for some reason $400is too much for safety. As a 34 y/0, I wear everything possible to make sure I don't hurt myself. Knee braces, neck protection, good boots, good helmet. I think anything less is foolish.
  24. rlfhouse

    Leatt Going After Competition

    I went down like a lawn dart on Sunday. Slick corner plus pumped up = too much front break. Anyway, I am very thankfull that I was wearing a Leatt. I had some soreness in my neck and shoulders Monday and Tuesday but feel 100% today. I don't think I was in danger of breaking my neck but I know I would still be in pain for the next week or two w/out it. Not my first lawn dart impression. I WILL NEVER RIDE WITH OUT THE LEATT AGAIN. To the cry babies about there business dealings, go research how the world works. The drug companies make Leatt look like the f'n Salvation Army. So don't take any medications when you're sick or laid up with a MX injury to show your tough stance against patent protection. Why don't you quit MX, sell your truck, and buy a Prius to show OPEC how mean and evil they are for not increasing output. Get over it, the world isn't fair and it sure as heck doesn't owe you any favors.
  25. #1- Dealer- Small shop in my area has been taking care of my bikes for 4+ years now. They are friggin awesome. SMS in Denton, TX. They have earned my bike business for the next 20 years. #2 Reliability - When I started shopping for a new 250f it boiled down to yamaha or ktm. After riding both I like the handling and power of the ktm more. #3 Bling- Hydro clutch is out of this world, same with brakes, 4 way adjustment of offset, oil screens easily accessed, looks, tool free air filter changes, bars, grips, etc. #4 Dealer- I can't say enough about them. Work done right in a timely manner plus they don't put the screws to ya.