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    2009 TE310 Turn Signals

    I have had intermittent electrical issues with mine as well. I keep in inside but after a hard ride one day my electric starter quit. Then it started working again about a week later. I am assuming that it was a contact issue. Make sure that all of the connections are tight.
  2. 09 TE310 all the only mods I can tell is that the emissions stuff seems to be removed. Great bike!
  3. Hey guys I'm new to the Huskys and to enduro bikes in general, but I bought a 2009 TE310 back in September and have been having a blast on it. The biggest problem I've had with it is the headlight. It was blown when I bought it and I found a replacement at a local bike shop. (Not a husky dealer) and it fit but when I originally installed it only the bright would work. Then I took it out and now all I can get is the low beam to work. It's driving me nuts! Has anyone else had this issue? I'm considering getting a new headlight all together. I can get a discount through Acerbis so I was considering something from them but I would rather fix what I have if possible.
  4. lee959

    California MX bike rental

    Hello all, I am currently working in Fairfield and would love to be able to ride while I am here. Does anybody know where I could possibly rent a bike for a day at the track or something. It looks like I am gonna be here for the next few weeks and its killing me not getting to ride. If you have any info I would really appreciate it. Also I know its a long shot but if anybody has a spare bike that they are selling or would let me ride I would pay to ride it and help do any kind of maintenance that you would like. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys I am about to change the fork seals in my 09 RMZ450 and this is the first time I have done this. I had it revalved by FC last season and it works pretty good, but it has a lot of time on it now and the seals are leaking. I was wondering if I needed to replace the fork oil with FC oil or if I could use something else that I could get in a little quicker. Same with the shock oil? And how often does the shock oil need to be replaced? FC recommends the same as the fork oil but another suspension guy told me about once a year. I've put about 60hrs on the suspension since the revalve. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. lee959

    Magneto Problems 09 RMZ450

    A few weeks ago the crank went out on my 450 and when I got it torn down I noticed a small metal piece in the flywheel. It looks like this piece has taken a small piece out of the magneto as well. When I looked up a new flywheel and magneto I found them on sale on motosport for $500! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to possibly find one cheaper or if the bike still might run with a flywheel and magneto that is slightly damaged. I am VERY skeptical about putting it back together like this because I would think that any kind of imbalance on the flywheel would be bad for the crank and if the magneto is damaged I would think it would affect the amount of power it would generate. So any information on how to find a used one would be greatly appreciated because I really don't have $500 more to be spending on my bike right now. I checked eBay with no luck. Thanks for the help!
  7. lee959

    deal or no deal?

    I know I guy trying to sell a RM250af if your interested its in TN. Ill try to find a link.
  8. My 09 started puking oil out of that small hole on the exhaust side of the head last night while I was practicing, and now today it has gotten a lot worse. It's got prob around 20 hrs on it. Any ideas? I'm planning on racing it tm night so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. lee959

    4 stroke crank install question

    i went ahead and ordered a puller. but yeah im putting in the main bearings too. Ive always had kaw 250fs and only had to put a crank in one and that was after ab 200hrs. so im kinda bummed ab this zook, hopefully i wont have any more issues. Thanks for the help guys!
  10. lee959

    4 stroke crank install question

    The crank went out on my 08 RMZ 250 and my freind convinced me that we could easily put a new one in and I thought we could for sure. We have split cases before to do trans work but never actually put a crank in. My question is do we actually need a crank puller or jig? I have ask 3 different people and gotten 3 different answers. One told me to press it in with a jig, one said use a puller, and one just said it sould go right in because its a four stroke. I'm kinda confused so anything you all know would help a lot! Thanks!!
  11. lee959

    08 RMZ250 need engine asap

    my 08 crank went out. big end bearing. I wouldn't have been as bummed about it if it wouldn't have went on the face of my fmx ramp. Not good! but i'm putting in a hot rods crank and hoping it won't happen again!
  12. lee959

    2011 rm-z250

    A friend of mine had an 07 that would jump out of gear and it broke his wrist..... but I have an 08 and love it! Im def gonna watch the trans tho. If it does it to me more than once its either getting fixed or gone. As of right now tho its one of the best bikes I've ever had. Its a little slow compared to my 09 kaw but the cornering makes up for it!
  13. lee959

    09 kx250f motor work.

    Unless they deck the head when its ported..... that could raise the compression.... but I def recommend the right head work or a big bore kit if your riding off road stuff and not mx. Cams sacrifice a little bottom usually so thats not really an option, and if you get head work make sure whoever does it knows what u want, more bottom, because most 250f head work increases mid to top. A piston will give it more snap but higher compression increases wear. I have an 09 with stage 1 Hotcams, a hi-comp Vertex, and a FMF 4.1 with the Megabomb. For what you wand I would recommend the Megabomb if you are going to get an exhaust because it gives it a lot more grunt. I've also had an Athena 290 kit in an 06 and I think that would work well for the woods but the way I ride I wasn't a big fan unless I was on a really tight track. The bike signed off a little early and I didnt feel comfortable bouncing it off the rev limiter. Whatever you do though as long as you keep it fresh and the jetting right your bike will rip! I hope that helped a little...
  14. lee959


    If your a c rider u just need to practice. invest in riding and regular maintenance. If you've got the extra money suspension is great. I have Factory Connection stuff on my 09 and its the best stuff I've ever ridden. If you dial in the stock stuff it works pretty well too, and make sure ur jetting is spot on.
  15. lee959

    What are the universal parts for kx250f's?

    the wheels will fit on all years. they are a little different on the 04-05 bikes but they will still work. The 09 and 10 should fit on your 07 too. engine parts are pretty much all interchangeable 04-08 and clutch parts fit 06-09 the baskets are a little different on the 04-05 bikes Im pretty sure. Ive been swappin parts on kx250fs for the past few years so ive ab got it all figured out. And I think triple clamps fit 06-09 but im not 100% on that I do know 04-05 are different tho.
  16. lee959

    Pro Circuit or fmf?

    This was on a stock 09 by the way, and I've rode the FMF with cams, a lighter flywheel, and a hi comp piston on my other 09 and that worked really well.
  17. lee959

    Pro Circuit or fmf?

    Yeah I've had both. If u want bottom get the FMF with the megabomb. They are great exhausts. The only things I liked better about the PC were that I thought it looked better and it made the bike feel like it had more top end and mid but dyno tests show thats not really the case. The FMF just has so much bottom it takes all the hit out of it and makes the power super smooth.
  18. lee959

    MX vs ATV Reflex Demo is out

    Haha I was thinking about buying the a PS3 or 360 for it but I live in a frat house right now so I'm just playing it on my friends
  19. lee959

    MX vs ATV Reflex Demo is out

    The game is pretty sweet, but I'm kinda pissed off that they let RC ride a quad......
  20. lee959

    how do your 250f's hold up??

    If your an A rider then most likely a 250f is not going to last very long no matter what brand u buy. Unless u just ride really smooth. My I'm a B rider and my 250fs last on average about half as long as the 450s when it comes to engine parts. I usually let my 450s go a lot longer after they get a little slow because in that class its pretty much all about the rider not the bike. Anyway, from my experience the Kawis, especially the 09s, hold up really well for 250fs. I absolutely love both of mine.
  21. lee959

    is $5450.00 OTD good for 2009 KX250F

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=55447&cat=3 http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=55412&cat=3 Heres two great 09s for sale and I'm not that far from NC!
  22. Hey everybody, I'm thinking about getting a new pitbike. I've got two stock klx110s right now and I'm kind of hard on them. I like them a lot but they are kind of slow and soft. I do like how durable they are though. I was wondering if any of the cheaper mod pitbikes like the pitster pro and ssr bikes hold up. I like the size of the 110 so I was thinking like the pitster x4 or something like that. What are do you all think about these? Thanks
  23. lee959

    2010 someone must have one?

    I have two 09s and they are the best bikes I've ever ridden. My only complaints are the notchy shifting, which does smooth out quite a bit, the crappy chain guide, and the stupid o ring under the cam camps, only had problems with it on my first one. Other than that theres not a thing wrong with them. They are also the most reliable 250fs I've ever had too!
  24. Well I'm having issues with the footpeg mounts and I really want something with a cradle frame. I want to be able to hit a superkicker at about 30 ft or so, and my klxs both look like they've been hit by a train after me riding them for a little while. I really don't want to spend 3000 on them and then bust em up again.
  25. lee959

    What bike would you recomend for someone my size?

    I'm looking for a pit bike for basically the same purpose. I've messed up both of my klx110s up pretty bad and broke the cases on both of them from jumping stuff. I like how the piranha bikes are built but they're kind of high. Are the ssr bikes pretty though tho?