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  1. stevend135

    Thoughts on '12 250 xcw

    Thanks all for imput, I decided to pass on the 250xcw. Sold a few days ago. Looked at a kdx's usually all ratted out or way overpriced! Here's what I found so far.. '98 kdx200 $1000, looks well used. '07 ktm105sx- $1500, whole rebuild 40hr ago, was used for harescrambles.. was looking at kx100's also.. '09 ktm 125sx, asking $2400, topend about 10hr ago? 38" seat height,mx bike. At this point I'm all over, don't have anything specific in mind. I've done a bit of reading I'm making a mx>woods Bike...
  2. stevend135

    Thoughts on '12 250 xcw

    Looking to purchase a 2stroke for single track an general riding. Currently ride a '13 klx250s (heavy) as a do it all bike. I'm 5'5 about 180/gear. The bike is '12 250 xcw, has handguards, fmf exhaust. 1 owner. Says it has about 330 hr on bottom end, 70 on top end. Asking $3900 Haven't seen bike in person, at those hours probably do a top end.. what about bottom? Not really wanting to do a complete rebuild right of the bat... Any thoughts, thanks
  3. Hi, looking at getting a 13 klx250s. Would be using for trail rides and little road rides. Has around 1200 miles on it stock tires in decent shape and doesn't look like it's been dropped. Everything looks good, took it for a spin all gears and brakes worked fine. Asking $3300, is white. Damn does the stock exhaust look restrictive!!! One thing had me wondering, coating of dirt and oil on linkage for shock. From sloppy oil change or oil leak under skid plate?? Didn't see and obvious leaks... Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  4. stevend135

    removing the exaust

    I do like it alot louder but i am not sure if there was any really power gains.
  5. Hi, I have a question My bike is a 2000 kawasaki ke100 2 stroke Today i took off the spark arrestor and a little muffler thing inside out and it was alot louder, but the pipe was still on just the tip was off would it hurt the engine to run it like this daily? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I currently own a 2000 kawasaki ke100 and was wondering if it would be possible to paint the plastics change the color from lime green to metallic orange. Could I use a high grade spray paint they sell at walmart or use a air brush, and would the paint stay on or just fall off any tips on how to do this would be appreciated. Another thing what would be a good site to get some good quality hand guards for the dirtbike? thanks.
  7. Hi I have a 2000 kawasaki ke100 and would like to do some mods to it like exhaust an maybe some other things so if you guys have some suggestions or maybe a site that would help. thanks.
  8. stevend135

    Rear Tire

    What type of tire would you recommend for a 2000 kawasaki ke100 i do mainly 60/40 60 street 40 dirt just main trail riding the tire i have now is pretty worn out. thanks.
  9. HI i have a 50 cc scooter and was wondering if you removed the exhaust would it have more power thanks or would it damage the machine.
  10. stevend135

    what to get

    yeah but the two stroke motocross bikes are so damn expensive thats kinda why i don't want one i only have about 2500 dollars to spend on one thanks.
  11. stevend135

    what to get

    How fast can the 125 kawasaki go? What is the difference between the suzuki drz125 and the rm125 thanks.
  12. stevend135

    what to get

    Hi i am wondering what to get i am 17 5'5 am wondering what to get i was thinking either 2006 kawasaki bayou 250 or 2006 kawasaki klx125 or the suzuki drz125. I do cut up fire wood occasionaly but right now i use a wheelbarrow but i wanted some to haul some would with and also go riding and have some fun. would a 250 four wheeler be fun or would i be better to go with a dirtbike that cost less and not be able to haul anything. On a dirt bike can u put a rack on it to haul little things. What is the top speed on a 125 kawasaki dirt bike? thanks.
  13. stevend135


    Hi i am 16 5'5 155 lbs and never rode a dirtbike before but have ridden a moped for 6 months. I was thinking of getting a kawasaki klx 110 and had a few questions. How much snow can this go through since we have 8 inches on the ground? How fast can it go? Is this a good trail riding bike? Any help would be appreciated thanks.