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  1. I had a 05 KX250f and now I have the 06. The 06 is three hundred times better. The 05 had a good engine but that's about it. That old Kayaba suspension is junk. Get the 06 if your a competitive racer and want to get faster.
  2. You don't have to take off your shrouds. Just remove the bolts that are going to the radiators and the frame. And you have to take the cylinder head off before you get the piston top dead center. Because in order to get the piston top dead center the cam lobes have to be facing outwards.
  3. What size springs did you put in it?
  4. The best and easiest fix is to replace the cam chain guide with the 05 piece. I've done it and so have a bunch of other people I know. The 06 piece is a piece of pot metal with two tabs that break after being worn down. I know 3 people with 06's that have grenaded there motor from that piece breaking. It's a easy fix and very cheap.
  5. Ride engineering has a nice set of bar mounts for 1 1/8 sized bars. There rubber mounted but there wider than normal bar mounts so that keeps them from twisting as easily. My buddy has a pair of them and loves them. Mine are on there way. There like $90 dollars and you can get them at It's a little cheaper than getting a top triple clamp.
  6. I use belray waterproof grease. It's like 5 dollars for a good amount. I've never had any problems with my bearings. You can get it at