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  1. Spodimama

    2016 KX450F any known issues

    I have never heard of dealers allowing "test rides" on motocross bikes nor performing "warranty" work on any motor issues???? What states are you guys from where this is occurring. I just bought my 2016 KX450f and so far I love everything about it....although, the front air forks have been a little bit of a science project getting dialed......
  2. Spodimama

    Kawasaki KX450F (2015)


    2016 KX450f....so far, I love it.
  3. Spodimama

    Kawasaki KX450F 2015

    2016 KX450f....so far, I love it.
  4. Spodimama

    Kawasaki KX450F 2006

  5. Spodimama

    Kawasaki KX450F (2006)


  6. Spodimama

    Wrist pin

    The end of the rod was surprisingly not too bad....I plan to rebuild the bottom end in about 6 months. I am planning on using hot rod and hot cams when I redo the head/valves. blue66tang mine is an 2006
  7. Spodimama

    Wrist pin

    I finally figured all the steps to posting pictures to this forum. I finished the top end rebuild last week and took pictures of the wrist pin....pretty gnarly!!!! maybe not....? the site is www.putfile.com/spodimama
  8. Spodimama

    New info, check it out

    I just did my '06 KX450 and I definitely had what looked like beige colored skinny worms. Approx. 1/4 of the screen was covered. No metal shavings or particles, all else looked pretty good. All-in-all, took about 15 minutes with no oil loss. Layed her over on an old bean-bag chair I had stashed in the garage for who knows what.....came in handy. I knew about this silicone thread for a while, kept putting it off. Glad it's done. Thanks.
  9. Spodimama

    Wrist pin

    All right.....done! I just ordered the Wiseco kit (standard compression). I'll post the pics of my top end after the install. We'll see how nasty it may look.
  10. Spodimama

    Wrist pin

    I have an '06 at approx. 48 hrs, still runs like a monster but I'm getting nervous and will be doing the top end in a week or so. My question: OEM or Wiseco? I have heard support for both and I'm not sure of the best route. I will definitely go standard compression, however. Any feedback appreciated
  11. Spodimama

    Possible Carb Problem??

    Definitely sounds like the floats are stuck open.
  12. Spodimama

    bike is backfiring and dies when I let off the gas...

    How many hours are on it at this point? When was the last time you checked your valve clearances? My buddy has the same bike and it had some issues with the titanium valves going out of clearance way too often. We finally changed them back to stainless steal....problem solved.