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  1. 250banger

    06 250F Motor broke today

    becoming a common thing now with these 06 motors, over here in England all the bikes have been re-called because of dodgy valves.. Basically what's happening is valve heads are snapping off and being ****zored. Mine goes in on Wednesday for its work
  2. 250banger

    DR Dr radiator lowering kit help question

    I've done the same thing, installed it and it was very close. Whiped it right back off and chucked it in the bin.
  3. 250banger

    Lowered Radiators

    well the radiator is lowered just short of an inch
  4. 250banger

    Any1 live in England on here?

    Preston - Englands newest shithole...sorry, city.. Well i dont live quiet in Preston, on the outskirts, Leyland.
  5. 250banger

    armthorpe moto parc

    I am going tomorrow pal (21st of Jan)...When will you next be there?
  6. 250banger

    armthorpe moto parc

    Its rubbish, too dangerous a death-trap...Would rather go Finningly just 10 mins down the road..
  7. 250banger

    2006 Oil - 2nd Bolt??

    just read the ****ing manual.
  8. 250banger

    Need Opinion ASAP/06 250F Damage.

    Take it back, it looks like its been caught on a door-frame when they've put it in the show-room from the way its bent back a bit aswell.
  9. 250banger

    Do you think YOU can ride??

    Pretty sure that is Hawkstone Park Trials in England, my dad was there that day...Said the riding was amazing...
  10. 250banger

    what do you guys wear under/over jersey?

    I wear the Fox Airchest Protector, over it i have the 06 No Fear Elektron Kit, which is really thin so it keeps me cool...The Airchest is pretty bulky, but doesn't affect my manouvering at all as it sits on me freely, overall its a good roost deflecter and nothing more...
  11. 250banger

    Yamaha Rinaldi Kit

    Not really worth it, unless your riding at GP level....imo
  12. 250banger

    Any1 live in England on here?

    Manchester....Ride at Preston Trax and Finningly, whilest not racing in the AMCA...
  13. R.I.P Richard Fitch, great rider and from what i've heard, a great guy off the track.
  14. 250banger

    My 2006 YZ250F

    Lovely bikes, i love those ASV levers, might have to purchase some...Also i've not ridden mine yet, does the frame mark black easily? And what would you recommend to clean the black off?