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  1. 2006 KTM 250SXF with 20 hours. There has always been a bog with quick throttle application. The fuel screw has never seemed to do much. So after a lot of research, I installed a JD kit. Now when the bike first starts everything is normal, but when I touch the throttle and let it go, the idle hangs really high. After a while it will drop down to normal. The hang time is longer when the bike is hot. I removed the JD kit piece by piece and the needle seems to have the biggest affect, but even the stock jetting now has a little hang to the idle. No air leak, no clogged jets, no cable bind, no slide sticking, no clue what to do next.
  2. KTM900

    ktm 250sxf seat

    The last time I checked, SDG doesn't make a low seat for the '04 - '06 KTM's. Your local KTM dealer can get you a KTM Hard Parts low seat, but it will have the same base as your original one so the foam will be thinner.
  3. KTM900

    HP of a KTM 200EXC?

    A stock KTM 200EXC makes 39 Hp.