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    Riding mt. twisties, riding dirt, camping, moto schools, checking out all venues of motorcycling.
  1. Janet from Joisey

    arm pump

    Thanks, XLR8RR. Never seen that before. Will check it out. -Janet
  2. Janet from Joisey

    arm pump

    I get less arm pump and arm fatigue when I remember to keep my head forward over the bars/attack body position; not having the bike pulling/yanking on the arms and using the legs as said below.
  3. Janet from Joisey

    Green light from NJ DMV!

    Congrats, RVC7! Great bike! What DMV office was this? Thanks, -Janet
  4. Janet from Joisey

    Trail Rider magazine - TE310

    We've seen you ole farts on the trail, passing us a dozen times after your smoke breaks. Good to hear the MT-43 works well. We got that on the rear and a new Motoz Tractionator on the front. See you this weekend!
  5. Janet from Joisey

    Let's see you Dual Sport a Pawin' at the sky!

    Almost pure D-S, Yamaha WR250F totally dualsported out back in Feb. Working on it: Got it!
  6. Janet from Joisey

    Trail Rider magazine - TE310

    It's just me and my partner. We haven't been in the dirt since the 7Mountains d/s on Father's Day (been doing street riding). We're just dropping in on Bald Eagle on our drive out to western PA on Sat for Sun morning's d/s at Michaux. We'll do a short tune-up to get our sealegs back (we're novice/D-class). I gotta see how the Husky rides with the dbKiller and I've never ridden with trials tires, so it should be interesting. I spoke the head mech at my dealer yesterday. He's got the ibeat, so I may have him fine tune the bike next time I'm in there. There's a bunch of guys from ADVrider setting up a camp-out for Bald Eagle on Oct 9-11. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=483380
  7. Janet from Joisey

    Trail Rider magazine - TE310

    Hi Spinta Boy! I was surprised by that article, too, but I know how experienced and picky those guys are. They complete some of the knarliest trail rides with not a spot of mud on their jerseys, too. BTW, I believe Trail Rider moved to New Hampshire last year or so. My bike has similar pops and backfires, but no flame outs, and it feels great to me. I just installed the dbKiller to try and quiet it down some and a rear trials tire in prep for Moab in Sept. I'll see how it runs w/the dbKiller on Sat; going to Bald Eagle S.F. in PA and doing Michaux dualsport out in western PA on Sun. Next time I speak w/ my dealer (Cross Country in NJ), I'll see if they even have an ibeat. . .
  8. Janet from Joisey

    Dual Sporting My KTM 400 EXC

    My partner has a tall soft seat laying around in the basement. Send me a pm if you're interested. You may want to look into a set an extra set of wheels and tires for commuting, maybe a cush drive hub.
  9. Janet from Joisey

    New York - Help out a newbie

    Frommers.com is a pretty helpful site. http://www.frommers.com/destinations/newyorkcity/
  10. Janet from Joisey

    7 Mountains in PA

    I was on the TE310: And my friend Brenda was on the Gas Gas Pampera:
  11. Janet from Joisey

    7 Mountains in PA

    Glad to hear that they will try to continue the ride next year. I have attended on and off for the last few years and enjoyed the mix of trail on the main course, but we never ventured into any of the difficult options . . . until this year when a few of us broke off from our pack of 7 to do the last few options. OMG! What a different ride. It went from a 4 on the (1-10 difficulty scale) to about an 8.5 at my skill level. Wow! Most of the water holes had a firm bottom and were a blast to ride through. Scenic overlook on the main. These guys were a blast to ride the options with: Perfect conditions:
  12. Janet from Joisey

    who to give my suspension to in the northeast

    Drew Smith at Works Enduro Rider is the man. Check him out before you decide on anyone else. He did my Yamaha wr250f and my husky 310 for the woods. . . Amazing. http://www.werproducts.net/ Easy to get to his shop, too, off of Rt. 80 near Hope, NJ.
  13. Janet from Joisey

    TE250 Vs TE310, why buy the TE250?

    Coming from the Yamaha wr250f, and having ridden the 310 on three rides so far, it feels better at getting me up steep, loose and slippery hills. Both bikes had suspension set up really nice and soft for my weight by Drew Smith at WER Suspension.
  14. Our favorite gloves for trail riding and warm weather street riding are the pricey BMW Rallye 2 Gloves. Warm enough for cold morning starts and comfy in the heat with enough protection for our novice-level tree banging. On the street, they probably afford as much protection as a mesh jacket does for the body. http://www.bmw-riders-gear.com/BMWRA_products.asp?page=1&mm=By+Function&c=Enduro&sc=Gloves&m=MC%2DRiders&r1=&md=&a1=ON&d1=ON&i1=ON&p1=1&p2=12&s1=72607697677%2D683&bplo=&bphi=
  15. Janet from Joisey

    Hyde Racing Skid Plate

    I have one on my TE310, and it has saved the frame and oil-sight glass for sure. First ride was in sandy firecuts, dry no problem. Second ride was up at Hancock, NY on some rocky hillclimbs and muddy grass sections. Took off the skid plate before cleaning up the bike, and not much mud collected at all (I thought there would be more). Huge gouges in the plastic skidplate and a nice straight scrape across both sides of plastic skidplate surrounding the oil-sight glass. Looks like I put them there for measurement. So far, I'm impressed.