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  1. Hey all, Have a 2002 TTR125 with some issues. Found out the newly self appointed mechanic stripped the oil plug, which doesn't bother me loads. He actually shaved down a rubber boat plug and it works very well for now. The major issue is the kick starter shaft has worn the hole it fits into to the point where the kick shaft will drop and not let the kick starter engage correctly. It will slide past the clutch gear. Not really into cracking a case to fix this. The bike runs fine, shifts through all gears, just needs bump started. Is it worth it to fix it or anyone interested in a parts bike? I'm in Ohio, and he is growing like a weed, so he is now riding my 230. Is there a quick fix? I can't imagine a bushing or similar to fit into that, but figure there may be some expertise here. Thanks, Digger
  2. diggerdpilot

    Kickstarter spring question

    Hi all, 2002 TTR125 Kickstarter system. When the Kickstarter is used, it slips. We cracked the case, and the kick gear is coming to far outboard on the shaft and not engaging solidly. Everthing looks OK, no chipped teeth, no cracks, and all parts are there. Does the spring tension directly control the travel on the shaft? Any advice or been there would be appreciated. It is not easy telling the 13 year old we are a little stumped. Thanks!
  3. diggerdpilot

    Clutch rod question

    Hi folks, I have an '02 125 that my boys are learning the basics on. At some point the bike was laid down, and broke a tooth off the kick starting gear, and the main gear on the backside of the clutch basket. At the risk of asking a super dumb question, is there a technique to getting the clutch actuating rod back in properly? I bought a new oil seal for it, and it does not want to seem to sit down all the way onto the case. Is that the ball in the shaft blocking it? Also, an even dumber question that I didn't have an answer for for my boys. When the rod is properly seated, before the clutch basket is re-installed, should moving the clutch rod move that main shaft out a bit? Would like to verify proper operation before we close it back up. Thanks so much for the info and help. Digger
  4. diggerdpilot

    Christmas gift blues

    And now an update. Started it today to do a bit more troubleshooting. No noise. Now I am thinking maybe it warmed up and is stretching?
  5. diggerdpilot

    Christmas gift blues

    Hi all, I recently picked up an 02 TTR125 for my kid for Christmas. We were parents of the year for about 20 mins. He rode around the yard, very low key, learning it, and came back in saying it sounded like a stick was rubbing the drive chain. I fired it and hear what sounds like a horrible noise, but no smoke, no miss, fires on first kick, and clutch and gears feel fine. I think the cam chain tensioner has either broken or backed out. I can find info on how to change the chain, and Im not opposed to that, but is there a way to troubleshoot the tensioner without pulling the covers? Is it replaceable just by replacing the unit itself? I also see quite a bit of talk on switching to a manual one, which I like, but I am just trying to save some face and his Christmas break. It ran fine when I bought it, ran for the 20 mins I rode it around my place, and for 20 mins yesterday. At least I have raised him knowing when to quit running it before something grenades..... Thanks, and hope y'all are enjoying the season. Dig
  6. diggerdpilot

    Spoke issues? Bent wheel?

    Cool, I will try it. It wasnt enough to make me quit road running, but a little bumpy. Plus, I dont want to waste the front bearings or seals. Is there a reason those spokes are longer? (or more thread showing) Are they a longer or different spoke alltogether? I loosened the opposite end the same amount, and have yet to get it on the road. Kids. Is there a certain sound when tight enough? They all "ring", with no flat ones, but the pitch is very different in some of them. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
  7. diggerdpilot

    Spoke issues? Bent wheel?

    I think I made progress on it, but will probably have someone do it. I deal with an independent shop, and we get along well. The threads showing on every 4th spoke threw me, though. Not sure what that is about..... Thanks!
  8. diggerdpilot

    Spoke issues? Bent wheel?

    Hey all, I have a newer xt 350, well, new to me, and since I have never done the street/dirt thing before, here is my question. The front wheel at 45-50 MPH starts to bounce up and down a bit. Not enought to lose control, but it looks like it is 1/4-3/8" egg shaped. No side to side wobble, and only noticable at those speeds or higher. On the stand, when spinning the wheel, it looks like it is out of round, only by the spokes around the valve stem. I tightened a few spokes to each side of the stem, and tightened each one after that less and less, and seemed to have made some headway, but my question is I noticed every 4th spoke to have 4 or 5 threads showing, while the other ones are buried with no thread showing. Is this normal? Thanks, Digger T.
  9. diggerdpilot


    Dont sweat it Jim, at least I know it can be done. Thanks for the help!
  10. diggerdpilot


    Cool, it may just a cracked hose, I havent even cleaned up enough to look yet, but thinking ahead. Did you have to rejet just the main, and what number did you use? I have never dealt with these bikes at all, so if you have anymore advice, I can use it. Thanks a lot, Dig
  11. diggerdpilot


    Hey all, Bought a pw50, couldnt resist the deal at the sale. It runs, brakes, seems well, until the oil tank started leaking out the back pretty bad. Havent cleaned it up and looked yet, but before I do, is it common to block them off and run premix? Is there something that normally breaks back there? Thanks in advance, Digger
  12. diggerdpilot

    XT350, am I in the right place?

    Cool, thanks very much. I have a 89 XT350. Love it so far, got it for the right price on ebay, and only have one question. I have always ran two stroke quads, and did all my own wrenching, minus machine shop stuff, so the thumpers are new to me. I am not a mechanic, but not entirely dumb either. This bike runs great when warm, but sucks to start cold. I know many thumpers are like this, but is there any solution, or anything to check when..... First 5 kicks-nothing 6th thru 10-fires once then dies 11 thru 15-16-runs about 1 or 2 seconds, dies 16-20- runs for under 10 seconds, but can rev with choke on a bit. Once you get it revved a bit, I can keep it running, but only with some throttle blipping. After that, it'll start first kick till it gets ice cold again. I can live with it, but it does get tiring on the leg. I try to start and warm up at least once a week, and it stored in a heated shop. It did sit a long time before I bought it, and I have'nt done a whole lot yet, just some carb cleaner, clean the plug, etc. Has a weird looking "second?" carb, looks like some kind of vacuum assist thing, so I hesitate to get into it yet. Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it!
  13. diggerdpilot

    XT350, am I in the right place?

    Hi all, Before I even load up a page, am I in the right place to post a question about a XT350, and starting? Thanks in advance, Digger