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  1. sxrstuart

    WR450F Speedo Adaptor

    I am going to buy a set of supermoto wheels for my 2005 wr450F. Do i need an adaptor for my cable speedo as the supermoto wheel is 17" & the standard enduro wheel is 21", do i need this for the speedo to work & not give a false reading. Any advise would be very helpfull. thanks stuart
  2. sxrstuart

    WR 450F new 2005

    i am just about to buy a new 2005 WR 450F with full road kit, i am going to use the bike on & off road. How often should i change the oil & filter if i am riding on the road? any other help would be great! thanks stuart
  3. sxrstuart

    Anaheim I torrent here

    Thanks form Ireland!
  4. sxrstuart

    Anaheim 1 Torrent

    I am also waiting in Ireland!