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  1. Hi All, I would like your opinions. I have a friend with a stock 2005 CRF250x who has some money he would like to put into it as upgrades. "I" am asking you because he is not really the most technically competent fellow and relies on me to help him with that sort of thing. I know a bit about bikes, but I am by no means an expert. Personally I have a DRZ250, KLX650 for the street, CRF150 (to take non riding friends out and get them riding) a GasGas trials bike, and an 88 Honda Hawk GT (street) But I do get to ride his CRF sometimes and I think it is a fantastic bike. Better than my DRZ So I'm not up to date on what is available for the CRF250x. And would like some advice. I have been checking out the forum post but there are so many possibilities. He has something like $600-$700 to spend for upgrades. Recently got married and a good group of friends pitched in for a wedding present in the form of money for his bike. Lucky Guy! Kind of a one sided gift since his wife is not a rider. I have been checking out the forum and am already planning on doing some of the cheap upgrades for him like JB Welding the smog stuff, opening up the airbox, etc??? Getting a new air filter, Is the Twin Air powerflow kit really worth it? Or just go for a basic uni/twinair filter and remove some of the screens? As far as exhaust go it seems that a good number of you think the Dr. D is the best bang for your buck. But I have also read some good things about the WB E2, the Pro Circuit T-4 and FMF Q. Since he has money to burn we might as well be talking about getting a full system. Does Dr. D offer a full system for the 250x? Maybe a FMF powerbomb with the DR.D? Want to keep it quiet though, I do think the stock is almost to quiet or at least not enough of a deep throaty sound. If you could keep the decibels the same but make it deeper sounding that would be perfect. Most of his riding is in Northern Cali, mainly trails and up in the Sierra Foothills so top end is not as important as bottom and mid end. Of course we would be getting a JD jet kit along with all these improvements. A skid plate and radiator guard is also in order. It seems the majority prefer the flatland plate or Hyde racing plate. What about the radiator guard. Is flatland also the preferred choice? So how would you spend your free money on your stock CRF250x. Thanks for your input.