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  1. mcjvenable

    North Texas 250R or 250X?

    Thanks for the info, I just ride for the enjoyment, I guess my biggest concern is where there are trails to ride are they tight woods type or faster, flat and open type. At my age (43 in a few days) try to stay off MX tracks, and mostly trail ride, occasionally a track if mostly table tops don't have much confidence with doubles. If most of trails in North Texas are wide open I am afraid I will regret the 250X and don't want that to happen. I didn't have much problem with the tight woods, rocks, hilly trails in California with 2002 yz250f or which I don't have anymore the 2004 rmz250, neither with any mods for trails, just had to learn how to use the clutch and throttle for the technical stuff. Watched a video of trail riding of Village Creeks trails in South Fort Worth some woods and some open and for the most part don't think the CRF250R would be a bad choice to ride there, if that is what the majority of trails are in North Texas then I will get the 250R.
  2. mcjvenable

    North Texas 250R or 250X?

    Moved to North Texas - Denton County, from Central California 3 yrs ago and looking to buy a new bike. Haven't rode since I moved here due mostly to my teenage daughter plays competitive softball about 9 months out of the year and my bike needs some work. Currently own a 2002 yz250f. In California mostly rode mountain trails (tight woods some rocky). I know there are plenty of MX tracks in the DFW area, but if I want to buy a 250X are there enough trails to keep me satisfied that I bought the X.
  3. mcjvenable

    18" rim

    Has anybody put an 18" rim on their 2002 YZ250f, is there a downside to doing this. I ride trails, dunes and some track.
  4. mcjvenable

    Hole in side plate

    Thanks I'll try that
  5. mcjvenable

    Hole in side plate

    Recently picked up a 2002 250F, got a decent deal on it not great but OK. Want to put on new plastics, but first I have a small piece of the right side number plate where the WB E2 silencer burned through. Before I buy new plastics should I consider a different silencer that maybe doesn't fit as tight to the plate or is this just going to happen, or can it possibly be from getting laid over to many times on that side. Also on the rear fender where the rear edge of the silencer can rub is also a small burn mark. Any suggestions or just live with it. The E2 on it is the polished one with WB and E2 in blue. Also there is heat tape on the back side of the plate, maybe not enough. Thank you
  6. mcjvenable

    It's here!

    does anybody think the 08 silencer will fit on the 07's
  7. mcjvenable

    Green Sticker?

    Thank you very much... Looks like I'll be looking at the 250 XCF-W, and see how it compares to WR and CRF-X.
  8. mcjvenable

    Green Sticker?

    This is where I get confused because I don't think all KTM 4T's would get a green sticker from DMV. Would they. Like a YZ 250F (2003 and newer) is red sticker and WR250F is green sticker. What KTM is green sticker like the Yamaha WR250F?
  9. mcjvenable

    Green Sticker?

    Wanting to buy new bike and living in California will most likely be buying a California green sticker bike. Haven't looked at KTM's much, and the biggest reason I don't is because I can't decypher from their web site which of their bikes would be California green sticker bikes...Any California KTM owners help me with this. Also, if I were to buy a used 2002 or older KTM, which bikes would be my best choice and how do they compare with other manufacturers of the same years. Mostly looking at 4stroke 250's. I currently ride a 2004 RMZ 250 Any help greatly appreciated Thank you
  10. mcjvenable

    07 kxf head

    Does anybody know if the 07 250 kxf head will fit the 04-06 rmz's? Thought I read somewhere that somebody put an 07 kxf head on an 06 kxf.
  11. mcjvenable

    cant find oilfilter

    Get a Boyesen cover. It has a separate oil filter cover than the water. Also better impeller to help bike run cooler.
  12. mcjvenable

    06 RM 250 to street legal

    Your bike is a California red sticker bike. Review the red sticker laws on California's OHV site.
  13. mcjvenable

    Cam caps

    That is pretty much what I was thinking.. Thanks for the info.
  14. mcjvenable

    Cam caps

    I found for sale what is supposedly a "new" cylinder head for the 04-06 250's. But it is missing the the cam tower caps on the intake side. Would there be any problems encountered not having the original cam caps for the exhaust side. I don't think the head comes with cams. I feel like this is a stupid question, but I won't try to but it if there will be problem after I get the head built. Would I be able to use the caps off my original head.
  15. mcjvenable

    East Bay

    Looking for places to ride around the Antioch & Pittsburgh areas. (OHV & tracks.) Will be working in the area for a few months. Thank you