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  1. Robert Davison

    2004 TE250 Anniversary - which engine oil?

    Thanks Joe. Most folk that I know who have experience of this bike use Putoline oil. I heard a Husky dealer near here recommends that Putoline is to be avoided like the plague, however that dealer does stock Motul 300V!! I've never heard of Agip or Rotella oil so I presume they aren't marketed in the UK. I'm not trying to save on the costs by using cheap oil, I just want to avoid what may be bad. Thanks, Robbie
  2. Hi, What is the correct grade and what brand of oil is recommended please? I have been advised not to use Putoline oil. I have been advised that Motul 300v Factory Line 15/50 is good. I thought that 10/60 was the recommended grade? Any help or advice please. Cheers, Robbie
  3. Robert Davison

    Kick starter return spring y2k XR400

    Thanks mate RD
  4. Robert Davison

    Kick starter return spring y2k XR400

    Hi, The kick start return spring has broken. I have the new part but can’t seem to get any pre tension in the spring before replacing the casing. Can anyone help or advise me on what I'm doing wrong please? Regards, RD
  5. Robert Davison

    2004 model 400exc problem

    The bike starts from cold with the choke but revs higher than it should. With the choke off and warmed a little then the engine stops, cuts out even whilst trying to rev it. There is a slight leak of petrol underneath the accelerator pump. With the engine off and operate the throttle, more fuel drips out from the same place. Left alone, ie; 'don't touch the throttle' and there's just the same slight leak. I fitted the carb from my 525exc (same year) and the 400 started and ran correctly, on and off choke, and obviously, no fuel leak. I originally thought the jets were plugged until I spotted the leak. Anyway, I have soaked the jets overnight in acetone because the bike hasn't been run since April? I haven't had time to take the acc pump apart yet to find what has gone wrong. I'm assuming the diaphragm and/or the rubber seals will be the problem. Has anyone else experienced this? I have a recollection that some while ago there was a post about fitting a Honda diaphragm or acc pump parts... can't remember why it was done but I'm curious! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RD
  6. Robert Davison

    Spare wheels?

    Does anyone know if any other wheels will fit a 2006 TTR250 please? The plan is to keep the immaculate set of oe wheels for road use and buy a second set for trail riding. If I can't find a spare set of TTR wheels, does anyone know if wheels from a DT or a WR or a whatever will fit please? Thanks, RD
  7. Robert Davison

    Scorpa T-Ride Video!

    T-ride spec; Powered by YAMAHA 250cc 4-Stroke Displacement 249 cm3 / cc Bore X Stroke 77 X 53,6 mm DOHC 5 titanium valves Oil N.C capacity & type 300V 10W40 Cooling Liquide Carburetor Dellorto VHST 28 CS Transmission 5 gear Fr. fork 41mm setting : spring, compression/extension Re. Shock SACHS setting spring, compression/extension Fr. brake Disc brake 260mm, caliper 4 pistons Re. Brake Disc brake 200mm, caliper 1 piston Seat height 850 mm Wheel base 1400 mm Ground clearance 340 mm Final transmission N.C Fuel tank 7 L Weight 95 Kg / 209 pounds 7 litre tank sounds promising... can't get much more than that into my 525exc with an absolute max range of 70 miles. Robbie.
  8. Robert Davison

    DG exhaust

    I've just been browsing on ebay and noticed this; http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/xr-400-dg-performace-exhaust-as-new_W0QQitemZ140019947031QQihZ004QQcategoryZ10460QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem No, it's not mine or a friends... I just hate to see a bargain missed. 10 British pounds (about $20). Robbie.
  9. Robert Davison

    TE250 2004 Anniversary model questions

    Thanks Rob. I'll give it a miss this time and look for a later model. This one is an unused zero miles bike. Did the factory sort out the valves and forks for the 05/07/07 bikes? Robbie.
  10. I am quite interested in buying one of the 2004 TE250 Anniversary models. I have ridden a 2005 model TE250 on the trails of Derbyshire, England. I was very impressed (i have a 525exc) with its effortless pace and build quality. Is the 2005 model basically same as the 2004 plus the annual mods? Does the 2004 have an(y) Achilles heel(s)... thinking about it do any of the TE250's? Looking forward to your replies. Robbie.
  11. Robert Davison

    Potential new owner?

    The owner of the bike I rode yesterday had to top up the engine oil at lunch time, after only around 50 trail miles! He said it is commonplace with these bikes. Seems a bit 2smoke? Is this correct? Robbie.
  12. Robert Davison

    Potential new owner?

    Good evening everyone. I have had a good long ride on a CRF250X today on the Derbyshire Peaks trails and I was very pleasantly surprised. I really expected to be underwhelmed having spent the last 18 months on board (sometimes!) a KTM525exc. The CFRx was so easy to ride that I am considering getting one. The CRFx has more than enough power for trail riding, engine braking is good and the brakes are excellent. On the pegs or in the seat the bike did exactly what I wanted it to with ease. On the downside, having only five gears restricted the road speed somewhat and was comfortable up to 50mph; but being sensible, why do I need to cruise any quicker on the road? I have a some questions that you may be able to help me with; How often should the engine and gearbox oil be changed? What is/are the bike's achilles heel/s? How many trail miles on a tank of petrol/gas? Thanks for taking the time to read this, Regards, Robbie.