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  1. River4Life

    Granzellas Burned Down

    Yeah thank God nobody was hurt, guess they knew what they were doin with the whole exit plan and occupancy limits huh. If you have a comment atleast be sure it is an intelligent one.
  2. River4Life

    03' CRF450R Plastic Change

    That easy huh, i better get started right now. thanks
  3. River4Life

    03' CRF450R Plastic Change

    I want to put 05/06 plastics on my 03' crf450R. Is it possible, and if so are there any changes I must make to accomidate the change?
  4. "hmm....which brings me to my next point kids. DON'T DO DRUGS." (children nodding with approval) -waterboy
  5. River4Life

    hows this sound? 03 yz450f

    mine has no questions. the case has never been cracked and the power is reedick!! i got a bunch of extras on it too. great bike but i need some dough. check it out on recycler.com if you want. im in bullhed arizona a lot if thats close to you. the bikes listed in 626 area code for 3600 and the name is ryan. its an 03' 450 as well.
  6. the stock setting is like 1 1/2-2 turns out. some where in there should work. but if its idling high adjust the idle screw untill it sounds just right.
  7. i recently installed a quickshot on my 450f. took the bike to glamis for 3days and it rode perfect....like a champ. my next ride was a star west, bike rode great there as well. i could really see the improved performance from the quickshot on hard packed dirt. 1 week later, today, i start my bike and while its warming up i notice the idle sounds different. it sounds a lot rougher than normal with a hint of clank. not like the piston is going to break loose or expolode, but definately different. i let it warm up and then took it for a loop around the block. every gear seems to vibrate the hell out of my hands and feet. also, the bike is cutting out throughout the throttle range. i have riden this bike on the street numerous times and it is usualy very smoothe. roll on the throttle and the front end lifts in every gear. now its very jerky and like i said, the vibrations are that of a 1980 2 smoke. when i got off my hands were numb. there was also more backfiring than normal. has anyone experienced this with their 450? could it be that the quickshot has effected the bike in some way? the bike seems to run instantly leaner now, not bc the quickshot, but just because. i dont think that if i adjusted the fuel to air mixture, that could solve the problem im having now. one more thing to note, the bike exhuast smells hotter, like the smell dirty water has when its evaporating. any thoughts on what the deal is????
  8. i just installed one about a week ago on my 03 450. The best way would e to: 1. Remove the carb from the engine and drain all the fuel out of it. 2. Remove the three phillips head screws from the stock acc. pump cover on the bottom of the float bowl. 4. remove the stock cover from the bowl while the carb is upside down. leave the spring and center pin in their stock positions. 5. take the d ring (little black rubber washer) from the stock cover and put in the boyesen with the flat side of the d ring facing the cover and the rounded side facing the float bowl. 6. Place the boyesen cover over the spring on the diaphram and secure the screws. 7. i turned my low speed fuel screw out 1/4 to 1/2 (90 to 180 degrees) turn to enrich the fuel. (Boyesen recomended) 8. one last thing to check is if your timing screw is in its stock position which is 0.100" i didnt touch mine bc i have never messed with it so unless you have i wouldnt worry about it. 9. reinastall the carb. i love my quick shot. the bike doesnt seem faster, but much quicker. there is no hesitation. roll on the throttle and expect response. hope this helps...the installs really a cake walk.
  9. River4Life

    yz426 or yz450

    that has to be the most inane thing ive ever heard. stop stirring things up with these lies!
  10. River4Life

    yz426 or yz450

    "BUTT-HURT" is awesome/excellent word choice!!! haha i love that word! but all the other stuff your saying is wrong!! the only way your bros 426 is a 4 speed is if he dropped 5th gear some where in the mojave desert where you ride! and BTW the only way the 2 smoke would beat any 4 stroke up a hill is if my 450f was towing it!
  11. River4Life


    yes...thats why there so much better than the 426!
  12. River4Life

    cdi box

    no u cant....u need to learn how to ride your bike before u start messing with it. do u even know what the electrical cdi wire harness box is?....or are u trying to sound knowledgeable. try learning how to change your own tires....then you can go on from there!
  13. River4Life

    power now

    hi, why would you want a power now kit for your 426??? That bike has 50 horse power as is! and if you really are an idiot on your bike, adding more power to it will only help you WAD yourself up!!! are you throttle happy? just crazy with no technique? is that possible??? do wheelies just thrash your bike?? wait....now im confused!
  14. River4Life

    torque and responsiveness

    try not riding it like a puss
  15. River4Life

    oil problem

    Drain that frame oil resivor!