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  1. Pavement

    Brett Metcalfe

    Looks like he will be running #24 too:ride:
  2. Pavement

    Chad Reed article

    ^^^Sometimes it takes awhile.
  3. Pavement

    Almost There !!!!!!!

    Why not a suzuki:excuseme:
  4. Pavement

    Team USA announced

    Where did you get that from?
  5. Pavement

    any news for the 09 hondas?

    From what I've read; 09 CRF250R -minor updates 09 CRF450R -EFI with a plastic tank -Much lighter (apparently 98kg but they always lie about the weights don't they) -Running Kayaba supension -Smaller/quieter exhaust
  6. Pavement

    I am a glourious beacon of light.

    lets see....an unknown quantity lol
  7. Pavement

    Graphics Kit

    thats the New Zealand version isn't it??
  8. Pavement

    Reed is a cry baby AND a liar...

    I call a petcock a fuel tap like most australians would.
  9. Pavement

    Who is your favorite mx rider

    Reed, Metcalfe, Byrne, Mcfarlane
  10. Pavement

    KX250F possible starting problems? HELP!!!

    I think you just need to work out the best starting procedure for your bike. Some bikes start from just kicking the hell out of them but others react differently and need a more systematic approach. Just my thoughts though:ride:
  11. Pavement

    Need email addresses for Honda Australia dealers

    The Honda Shop Megastore in Western Australia www.hondashop.com.au
  12. Pavement

    Vid From Saturday

    That looked like so much fun
  13. Pavement

    06LE with a face lift

    yeah why???