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  1. 530 all the way, better options, more power, same wieght, and can tame the power down with unplugging one wire. And the extra power will be nice with a snowbike kit!
  2. We are planning on riding this weekend in Western ND. studding up my yzf 450 as we speek!
  3. did you pull the little plug on the flywheel cover and make absolute sure that the mark is on tdc cuz its acting like both cams are off the crank one tooth. the cam lobes should mirror themselves on the back side also.
  4. I had a ticking prob once and it ended with a new cam chain that i soaked in oil for a couple hours.
  5. First i'd say to ride the bike some more. with those mods the bike is gonna wanna rev and i doubt that u got it to rev out if the field was small. the top speed stock is 70-75mph(depending rpm), and going to a 14 tooth front will gain 5mph.
  6. Your overflow tube might be pinched or blocked off. if you fill the fluid to the brim when the bike is on the triangle, once the water warms and expands it has to go somewhere.
  7. myn does that if i get too much oil in case, only put in what the book said
  8. my bike will sit on a high idle, then go to a lower idle after about 10sec. i turned my idle down about three turns and now its goes straight to a nice low idle. maybe something to try.
  9. the wr rad's with the overflow bottle might work, but i suppose that i'd have to change the shrowds, tank, and seat? i tried those other fluids, but i dont get moving fast enough to get any cooling action
  10. I do a lot of hill climbing and tight crick riding and have a prob with over heating. I was wondering if 450 radiators would help cool my 03 250f if they even fit?