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  1. Gauntlet

    Lost Key

    I don't suppose you happen to have the key code for your bike handy? It sounds as if you need to see your local suzuki dealer and check out their great deals on new keys, or find a competant locksmith to help you out.
  2. Gauntlet

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Wataflake, Where exactly is this OCT trail your talking about. Is it the sled trail?, if it is, I was told that bikes are off limits on it. Let me know. Mike
  3. Gauntlet

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Hey, Dave, who ya callin Pig. I went out this afternoon to put more street miles on the DR650. Little chilly, but I can't wait to get it off the road.
  4. Gauntlet

    Lake Placid question

    I spend as much time in the Adirondack Park as I possibly can. The Lake Placid area is very nice, but pricey. Due to "The Park" consisting of mostly state land, bikes are generally not allowed in many areas. We also have forces, such as the "Adirondack Residents Against Everything Club" (or something like that) who are working against us to make sure that no one but the tree huggers have fun. You can thank those yahoo's types for ruining it for those who don't drive like idiots and leave a mess behind. Private land is really the only way to go, or you can look up 4WD type roadways. Get a copy of the New York Atlas & Gazetteer and check that map out. My best advice would have you contact the Essex County Dept. of Tourism to see where you can actually ride. Good Luck and try to do lunch at the "Tail O The Pup" while your in the Lake Placid area.
  5. For 3 season use, I have the Aerostich Darien jacket. Has armor panels and wears very well. You also get to pick your color. As for summer months, a wifebeater tee shirt is the way to go. Not much protection, but much cooler.
  6. Gauntlet

    camelbaks ?

    Having a Camelback is definitely better than going the bottle route. Your overall H2O capacity is much greater than a bottle. I have the mule model and can pack extra gear in it too. Sometimes I also carry a small water purifier siphon pump in it so I can refill the bladder with more water from a stream or lake if I know I will not be near a tap. Check out: Campmoor.com, they have a good selection of brands and decent prices on them.
  7. Gauntlet

    Anyone have the Aqualine Safari Tank?

    Please tell me you didn't just run to the toilet and flush, just to see which way the water rotated.
  8. Gauntlet

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Oswego here. No real places to ride in the immediate area. Especially with todays lake effect snowfall. Snow sucks!!. I wanna ride.
  9. Gauntlet

    Anyone have the Aqualine Safari Tank?

    Come on, there has got to be more of you guys out there that has one of these Aqualine Safari tanks. I know they are pretty expensive, but I like the idea of going further than with the stock tank. Especially when gas stations where I ride in the boondocks close early at night.
  10. Gauntlet

    DR650 Idle

    I just had a problem with my idle speed and made a few adjustments, but how do you properly measure the idle speed without a tach to ensure you are within that 1500 rpm +/- range.
  11. Well, that and maybe a couple of brochures strategically left around the house may help. I normally take the financial route, saying I can get top dollar for the used bike at this time and trading up to another bike, just makes good sense. Like she can't read through that, yeah right. By that time, I just start talking about getting a new bike and it kinda eases the wife into letting me do it. Now, if I could just get rid of my current boat.
  12. Gauntlet

    Dirt bike rentals

    If your ever get out here to New York during the winter months, try renting a sled in the Tug Hill region. The prices are just as bad, if not worse.
  13. Gauntlet


    Wear them. Most boots should be broken in just after a few good rides.
  14. Gauntlet

    Dirt bike rentals

    Your gonna get your mom out on a bike, how cool is that. I wish that just once, I could get my mom to go out on my boat in about 800 feet of water. Ahh, now where were we. Do a search on motorcycle tours. I remember searching this once and found several places that rent both street and dirt bikes, atv's, etc. Hopefully you will find one in your area. You can also check the yellow pages for the dealers in the area you plan to ride that may rent bikes. Good luck. P.S. Mom's doing just fine.
  15. Gauntlet

    Helmet Washing

    I have removed the pads and washed them in the sink with Woolite. Just be sure to rinse them well and to thoroughly air dry them out of direct sun light before replacing them. One prior poster had recommended lathering your hair, inserting head and washing it that way. If he later recommends drying the helmet in a clothes dryer, please, remove the helmet and stay out of the dryer with it. Sounds stupid, but my younger brother "took the ride" once when we were little. I'm sure that if he ever decides to pro-create later in life, his kids will be just as fawked up like he is.