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  1. Ironically his story is on the history channel right now.
  2. I bought a set of KX85 forks and didn't pay much over $200 for them complete with guards. Check on ebay for a price comparison.
  3. my next few purchases were for a Kehin PE24 from sudco and an aftermarket exhaust (take your pick). You'll need to make a spacer for the intake side but other than that it works really well and is jetted about perfect for a 143cc kit at sea-level.
  4. OK folks, it's that time of year again. We will be running the mini's in both Richmond and Portsmouth Virginia throughout the winter months. I took a little while to try and plan away from holiday weekends and other busy times. So here's the schedule: Sept 16 - Richmond Oct 14 - Portsmouth Nov 18 - Richmond Dec 16 - Portsmouth Jan 13 - Richmond Feb 10 - Portsmouth Mar 16 - Richmond Apr 13 - Portsmouth The cost will remain $41.50 for pre-registration and $50 at the door. Pre-registration is prefered via paypal to H00k3dup@gmail.com. This is an absolute blast so come on out and bring the mini!
  5. Wow. $1200 makes a $450 PVL seem like a bargain. And you have a lot more adjustability to your timing curve. I imagine $1200 includes all of the R&D they would need to get it right though.
  6. Powroll sells the same PVL ignition as pro-cycle. They just charge a bit more. No one makes a "Rev Box"
  7. Bobb, the part number is suzuki part # 25600-38200. I don't remeber the exact bike it came off of but I think it was a DR200. As for sprockets, the moose black ones did well on my bike. Wuss.... You could always bump it.....
  8. AOL? Really. Wow......
  9. Dude that master cylinder is crazy looking! Nice bike, are you planing on runing any graphics or just the plain blue plastic?
  10. LOL! Waiting period for an SKS? I thought you lived in new england not the republik. Oh thats right, in the republik you can't have an SKS period...... I love the two SKS's I've played with, just watch your springs! My best freinds hasn't been right since the operating spring failed.
  11. Maybe you should gear it down some so your not hitting fith coming down the back straight at AIK! Have you done the shifter mod yet? It gets rid of the linkage and makes it shift better. You can also get a big boot in there.
  12. I like the conti SM's I have, but I'm not a top rider so I'm sure any tire would work fine for me.
  13. Isn't that part of the stunt show from MGM? They had motards too. Of course I saw that before I knew what a motard was so I didn't bother to look at the bike used.
  14. Is anyone else having problems getting to supermotojunkie.com again? I was able to get on this morning, but I can't from school again this evening.