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    Dirt Bikes without Title

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    Suggestions for a stock 1986 XR600R

    Good thought!~ I kinda like that idea! That is what I will do! Cool~
  3. tommcbride

    Suggestions for a stock 1986 XR600R

    Thanks~ Yeah, it runs and will idle up and then die. Has compression~ Has Spark~ Has Fuel~ This thing sat outside in the mountians for a while (time unkown) although the PO stated he poured Gas in the tank and push started it and it fired up ran for a "few seconds" then died. Anywho~ I am not really looking for diagnostic engine assistance (although I respectfuly appreciate all thoughts/tips & tricks) What I am really looking for is information on " Popular Upgrades" to the bike. If there are none, then I'll just run her stock! It's all good. These were sensational bikes and this one will be no different. IMO, this bike just needed the cob webs knocked off of it and to be ridden. Has lots of "Patina"......I could care less about how she looks. Thanks~
  4. I just got this 1986 XR600R. It is missing the front caliper. What are my options for a used replacement or alternative "Upgrade" Thanks in advance folks! Tom Long Beach, CA
  5. Hi gang! I just bought "pig" for $200.00 Runs like sh*it, I want to take the carbs out and rebuild them. My question to ya'll is what are your thoughts on the first things to "upgrade" I would rather not put a whole lot of money in this bike because I can buy them already "tricked out" on e-bay for $1,500 +. So my thought is to see what the TTC (Thumper Talk Collective) thought and go from there. I believe I want to upgrade the pegs too, they seem small. This will be a bike that I will just bounce around town with and have fun "Urban Moto" and occasionally take her up to the hills in the San Gabriel's and Big Bear. Realistically, it is for me just another resurrected neglected Honda Thumper on the road again. Oh, speaking of of "on the road again" I want to get her licenced...any thoughts? Thanks in advance for all of your comments and suggestions. Later~
  6. tommcbride

    Rowher Flat is it Open or Closed?

    <SIGH> ok:(
  7. tommcbride

    Rowher Flat is it Open or Closed?

    Hi gang, Is Rowher Flat open or closed? I cannot find reference to a closure on the USFS website...thanks in advance Tom