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  1. WOODY 96

    2006 CRF 70 Jetting

    WayCrazy, You could put a CRF450r engine in your CRF70 and still be forced to chase the old man for second place.
  2. WOODY 96

    TB 88 kit problem - Help!

    I have the stock pipe. I realize a bigger carberator adds power to the top end at the expense of low end, however, since I increased the engine size proportionatly more than I increased the carberator size, I should not loose any low end, I should actually gain a little. If you compare a larger carberator to a smaller carberator with the same size engine, I would agree that the larger carberator would add top end, but with the bore kit, I question this logic. If that theory is true, I could put a CRF50 carberator on my stock CRF70 and create a torque monster. Any thoughts?
  3. WOODY 96

    Cam Timing....PLease Help

    Does it matter which direction it is off a little?
  4. I just installed a TB88 kit in my 2005 CRF70. I installed the kit with the carberator and cam. It now boggs when I twist the throttle quickly. If I don't ease the throttle slowly it will bogg and even die if I twist it fast enough. I have tried the needle in all five positions and adjusted the air screw from 1/2 turns out to 2 turns out in each needle position. It seems to bogg least in the middle position. Could the timing be off a little or am I overlooking someting simple?
  5. WOODY 96

    TRX 70 Carb Question

    Thanks again!!
  6. WOODY 96

    TRX 70 Carb Question

    Thanks Dirtbkr188, I was a little worried about the petcock being mounted on the carb of the TRX. If I use a "T" fitting I will not be able to turn the fuel off unless I find some sort of detached version of petcock. Bye the way, when you said the carb should bolt right up to the TRX head, you were talking about the intake manifold and carb from the CRF, not just the carb alone right? Thanks for the info on the cam too, maybe I should have gotten the TB 88 kit with the race head and put the whole top end off the CRF 70 on the TRX 70 to modernize it. I guess I'll wait till it gets here then decide if I want to tackle the TRX project right now. Thanks!
  7. WOODY 96

    hmm rattling?

    I have a 70 and I heard a similar noise and it turned out to be the back fender vibrating. Next time it does it put your hand on the back fender. Worth a try...
  8. I am waiting on a TB 88 kit w/carb & cam for my 2005 CRF70. I also have a 1986 TRX 70 in mint condition. The TRX has a bog in the engine just off idle and it doesn't seem to have a lot of power. I have rebuilt the TRX carb with two different kits but still has same problem. My question is this: is the carb and intake tube on the CRF bigger than the one on the TRX? Would it benefit the TRX to put the carb & intake off the CRF on it? Would the stock CRF cam help the TRX? This is all new to me I have always been a big bike guy.
  9. WOODY 96

    Silencer Screen

    Way Crazy, At the speeds you ride, it really doesn't matter.
  10. WOODY 96

    Best gearing crf70?

    15 Front, 45 Rear or 14 Front 45 Rear
  11. WOODY 96

    Crf 70 gearing

    Stock gearing is 15 front 36 rear. I went to 15 front and 45 rear. I may even go to 14 front and 45 rear. That way 2nd and 3rd gears will be more usable. Also, 3 added teeth on the rear equals 1 subtracted tooth on the front.
  12. WOODY 96

    Crf 70 gearing

    I tried a 13 tooth on my 05 CRF70 and it is still geared too high for me. I weigh 190 and the bike is otherwise stock except for the airbox mod. I ordered a 45 tooth sprocket from Parts Unlimited for $15.95 and a new chain for the increased size. Works much better. 9 added teeth on the rear is equal to 3 less teeth on front, plus you don't put your chain in a bind turning such a tight diameter turn. Plus I can always drop the front to a 14 or even 13 to gear it even farther down.
  13. WOODY 96

    06 crf 70

    CRF 100? Cutting a tooth off the sprocket will not change the ratio at all. The actual diameter of the sprocket determines the ratio. A 13 tooth sprocket reduces the ratio because the diameter is smaller than that of a 15 tooth. You could take a 15 tooth sprocket and grind every other tooth off of it and the ratio would be unchanged.