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  1. Isn't the O-ring chain stock?
  2. I got the Clymer, it is for both 250X and R, and 450X and R. It sucks as there is a lot of info you don't need or want. Then I ordered the Honda service and owners manuals off E-bay, got them cheap, they are very good manuals.
  3. I think they also moved the front wheel back just a little.
  4. Gas shouldn't go bad in 6 weeks. Make sure your "kill" switch isn't stuck, it isn't if you get spark.
  5. I picked up a like new o4 for $3500, the $3000 I saved will fix any problem the bike might have.
  6. 15 hours? OMG, now I'm glad I don't have an owners manual. Does anyone other than Honda and K N sell filters for the CRF?
  7. You will lose a little oil, but the O-ring seals should be fine. I did that last time I changed oil and found that I didn't have a filter to replace the old one.
  8. Which manual? I just got an 04 250x, used, without the owners manual, I have a Clymers coming, would like the owners manual also.