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  1. granton33

    Any1 live in England on here?

    Im from Arbroath, Scotland
  2. granton33

    Hi, new member from scotland checking in.

    Im from a small town called Arbroath on the east coast, about 18 miles north of the city of Dundee, I know Banchory well, on the route of one of our good superbike runs, not at this time of year though
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Grant from scotland, I've just bought a new 2005 WR250F and hope to enter a few scottish enduro's in 2006, as Its the middle of the night for me right now, I'll keep my first post short, I've done a few mods to the bike which I'll share with you soon, I'll also give you the link for the scottish enduro's website so you can have a look, catch you all later http://www.scottishenduros.co.uk/99/