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  1. I know a guy here in California who has a nicely built model 192 Pursang 250 motor for sale for $800.00.
  2. Conact Lynn Mobely for parts and information on Bultacos. He is the guru. http://bultacoparts.com/ (775) 267-2103 M-F
  3. I didn't give up riding . You might be aggravating it but the problem is infection not irritation. Mine seemed to respond best to Ampicillin. It usually took about six weeks to go away. Acidophilis can help clear up internal infections as well. The funniest recommendation was from one of my Doctor's female P.A.s. She said that frequent ejaculation would be useful as well.
  4. I've had a few prostate infections but found them more of an annoyance than anything else. Certainly not anything to keep me from riding. Just kinda sore like I rode a bicycle too long without padded shorts. Antibiotics always cleared it up. The doctor always had me sit in hot bathwater every day to increase blood flow in the area and it's supposed to make the antibiotics more effective. I also take a real good acidophilus supplement every day.
  5. You don't need DC voltage to run accessories. You can hook up an AC horn and standard light bulbs for the turn signals. A lot of vintage European bikes did that for years.
  6. Chuck is right. Unregulated AC power can exceed 24 VAC on some machines. I've had good luck with Trail Tech rectifiers but they require a battery. I also use their little battery pack that is light and doesn't take up much space.
  7. 3 amps isn't very much capacity. Measure the resistance across the terminals of your horn. I = V/R Current(I) = Voltage divided by Resistance. If you measure 6 Ohms of Resistance then you would have 12VDC divided by 6 Ohms = 2 Amps. Any more than 3 Amps will likely fry this rectifier. Often people will use a horn relay to tranfer current direct from the battery because it has more current capacity and also because excess currrent can fry the horn button!
  8. While it is true that running race gas will reduce the chance of pinging, you can also richen your pilot jet to reduce the combustion temperature or slightly retard your ignition timing for less money. Just for fun, try running the bike again and induce a spark knock. Turn the choke on and see if the knock persists. Then check the timing and see if somebody advanced it a bit. I run a bit of extra advance on my two strokes for more power but I run 2 ounces per gallon of Maxima Octane Booster to supress detonation. Cheaper than race gas.
  9. Google Gold Note OHV. 28 miles of easy trails except for some of the mud holes this time of year.
  10. Did this with a badly dented Bultaco pipe. Used air and pressurized it to about 10 psi and used an acetylene torch to heat the dents. Took a while but it turned out great.
  11. In over fifty years of working on car and motorcycle engines I have never seen a used gas or diesel piston without carbon.
  12. You must be running that motor on hydrogen!
  13. I got +80 hours runtime on my 2016 TM125 Enduro with Maxima Castor 927. Here is the piston. It and the rings were still within specs. No carbon in the head or in the powervalve.
  14. If it's on the internet it must be true...
  15. I've beeen running Maxima Castor 927 in all of my 2 strokes for years. There is no carbon buildup like was normal for castor oils in the past. I also use 2 ounces per gallon of Maxima Octane Booster per gallon which prevents the oil from separating from gas at low temperatures. Highly recommended!