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  1. Did this with a badly dented Bultaco pipe. Used air and pressurized it to about 10 psi and used an acetylene torch to heat the dents. Took a while but it turned out great.
  2. In over fifty years of working on car and motorcycle engines I have never seen a used gas or diesel piston without carbon.
  3. You must be running that motor on hydrogen!
  4. I got +80 hours runtime on my 2016 TM125 Enduro with Maxima Castor 927. Here is the piston. It and the rings were still within specs. No carbon in the head or in the powervalve.
  5. If it's on the internet it must be true...
  6. I've beeen running Maxima Castor 927 in all of my 2 strokes for years. There is no carbon buildup like was normal for castor oils in the past. I also use 2 ounces per gallon of Maxima Octane Booster per gallon which prevents the oil from separating from gas at low temperatures. Highly recommended!
  7. I had a 2012 TM300, rode and raced it for two years. Only thing replaced was tires. I now have a 2016 TM125 Enduro. Racked up 80 hours riding and racing before I replaced the piston and rings. They were worn but still within specs. I have also replaced the tires and drive chain. Not sure about the TM125 MX but my bike pulls like a KDX200 off the bottom and rips on the top end. I have never had to adjust the electric power valve but I did check it during the rebuild. The quality of TM motorcycles is amazing.
  8. I would recommend a JD Jetting Kit and pull the reed block and check the condition of the reeds. The ends of the reeds will get worn out. You shouldn't have any bogging.
  9. I was 62 when I tore my ACL and my knee doctor told me that they don't replace ACLs for anyone over sixty years old. Also I have serious arthritis in both knees. I also have lost all the cartilage on my right femur. Despite all that I still ride and race offroad. I only notice the lack of stability when I am walking in the forest or on an uneven surface. I can't run anymore but I have a Fitbit and walk at least five miles a day.
  10. I have the same bike as you and really like it. Yes, the stock speedometer pickup is on the rear wheel and does not work well. I took the stock speedometer and pickup off and replaced it with a Trail Tech speedometer unit. Easy to install, very accurate and much easier to read. The pickup that comes with it screws into the front brake caliper. See photos. https://www.trailtech.net/endurance
  11. Most of the articles about rear shock sag recommend 3 -1/2" to 4". I sincerely doubt that dropping the sag to 3" will put huge leverage on the forks and other issues. I don't even know what that means. All that it really means is that the rear shock will begin moving at a slightly higher value. You can crank the preload on any rear shock spring down until you get to the point of coil bind at full compression without any problem. Except it will probably make your butt hurt.
  12. The problem is that we often run into a nest of fallen trees and riders will cut illegal trail reroutes around them. My Bultaco is the perfect bike to use for trail work.
  13. My friend Bruce and I are both retired and have spent many hours on clearing OHV trails here in Northern California in the last year. I use a Greenworks electric chainsaw and he uses a Kobalt which is a variant of the same although the batteries are setup so that they will not interchange. The batteries are good for about two hours and each of us carries a spare in our backpack. The trick with an electric saw is to not overload it. If you force it into the cut the battery will drain more quickly. Check out this video:
  14. Then you also read this: The forks were a bit harsh in the rocks so I had Buck (Suspension By Buck) redo the valving. Once I did that and set the shock race sag at 3" it works awesome. Buck is not only a great mechanic and suspension specialist, he is also one of the fastest offroad riders in AMA District 36!