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  1. AXP


    Does anyone have this years Mudslingers schedule? Thanks AXP 30secondboard
  2. AXP

    POLL: MX or Trail?

    MX AXP 30secondboard.com
  3. AXP

    Fossil Bowls first race!!!1

    Is there a Fossil Bowl track website? Or a flyer with those dates on it? I'm going to have to go out and have a look at the creek jump - get a picture too. AXP 30secondboard.com
  4. AXP

    Good Riding Areas for Beginners

    I agree - Longview has a lot of open areas you can let kids go explore and they can see who's coming at them. There are also a couple of tracks for next week when they are through being beginners. AXP 30secondboard.com
  5. How about longview? Their site says "Open - Thursday - 10am to Dusk" AXP 30secondboard.com
  6. AXP

    thurston county orv park

    The web site is Stradleline ORV Has anyone had a look at the track yet? Is it based on the old Thurston setup or has it been redone? AXP 30secondboard.com
  7. AXP

    List of good Western WA tracks?

    Take a look at 30secondboard.com Most of the track sites are there.
  8. AXP

    Newbie Looking to ride

    Longview is a good place for new riders. Lots of open riding and 2 tracks with out too many riders early in the day. Or try one of the open practices at any of the tracks - You can find the links and schedules to most of the the tracks in Washington at 30secondboard.com
  9. Thanks, we are having fun doing the site. We are adding pictures of tracks as we travel around this summer. If you have web sites for tracks or off road riding areas, let me know and I'll add them to the site. AXP 30secondboard.com
  10. AXP

    Top end noise

    I just changed the piston, cam chain and updated the exhaust cam on a 2002 YZ250F. It started right up and runs fine but after 5 minutes of slow riding, the top end started making a clacking sound. I loosened the oil line and it has plenty of pressure. I pulled the cover off at the track and everything seems tight and the timing is right. I am hoping it is the gap on the new cam but I have not been able to check it yet. Any ideas?
  11. We just launched a website with all the information we could find on Pacific Northwest Motocross. What do you think? 30secondboard.com